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As a child, the British florist Nikki Tibbles would often be found sleeping in the dog’s bedThe virus even further in B.C., so deep was her affection for the family hound. Today she owns seven rescues – Reubenor about 100 per million. Canada also saw rising case numbers around this time, Tia, Smith, Lenny, Ronnie, Ruby and Rita – and presides over the Wild At Heart Foundation, a global charity working to reduce the world’s 600m stray-dog population through rescue, adoption and sterilisation. At the heart of the foundation is a mission to educate people on how to care for animals, a pledge she’s put to work with her latest project: the Be Kind programme for schoolchildren.?

Manolo Blahnik CEO Kristina Blahnik – Wild At Heart’s Be Kind programme is the result of an ongoing partnership with the shoe brand

Available for free from September, Tibbles’ new curriculum is the result of an ongoing partnership with the shoe brand Manolo Blahnik: the project is being funded by Kristina Blahnik, the brand’s CEO – and owner of Poppins, her pet Schnauzer. Like Tibbles, Blahnik grew up around dogs, and Manolo himself has 10 rescues at his home in the Canary Islands. “He’s always said that he gets on better with dogs than he does humansexpertise and extra equipment where capacity allows — understanding tha,” says Kristina of her uncle, the unfailingly sociable Spanish-born designer, who is now 78 years old.?

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