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Everyone has the potential to create. No matter how small the craft is, it also has its own value to let the world see the green maple infinite possibility screen, which plays multiple roles in home design, such as separation, beautification, wind protection, coordination and so on. Often


has creative potential

no matter how small the craft is, it also has its own value

let the world see the green maple

infinite possibilities

screen, which plays multiple roles in home design, such as separation, beautification, wind protection, coordination and so on. Common screens have an antique Chinese charm, with landscape ink splashing, birds singing and flowers fragrance, embroidered ladies or ancient wood hollowed out, which are integrated with classical furniture, presenting a harmonious and quiet beauty. Modern screen design styles are diverse, using new technology and new materials. Fashionable and novel, simple and atmospheric, integrating practicality and appreciation, it is highly sought after by the public


say everything on earth and in heaven, two hearts know

the emerald screen is deep and the moon is falling, leaking

the bun is falling, the hairpin is weak, and the pillow is limp

screen inside and outside the screen

screen is a kind of furniture used to prevent wind in ancient buildings, the so-called "screen its wind"

in ancient times, the screen was a symbol of power and position. Its regulations and patterns are stipulated. Through continuous evolution, screens have the functions of partition, concealment, windbreak and decorative space

through the refinement of lines and the reorganization of colors, a set of Oriental series under the universal language of the world is created. This new Chinese screen glass partition produced by Qingfeng glass has a beautiful fabric design. It will be refreshing whether it is the freshness brought by pure color and contrast color, or the texture change brought by embroidery

Chinese screen

ingenious integration of practicality and artistry

not only has practical value

but also gives new aesthetic connotation

antique flavor in modern style, with more fresh collocations, and the soft colors on both sides highlight the theme. The decoration of waves, the embellishment of brownish red, and the radian of the fan, slowly open, all make the overall image more three-dimensional

the living room generally occupies a lot of space, and the planning of large space is always diverse and complex. As the screen most often used as a partition, it is actually the best partner in the living room. It would be a big mistake to think that the screen is only the function of separating space. Whether it is artistic decoration or metaphysical Feng Shui, the screen is one of the important props in the living room

the screen is generally displayed in a prominent position indoors. It reflects, complements and integrates with neoclassical and new Chinese furniture, showing a beauty of tranquility, simplicity and harmony. The screen integrates practicality and appreciation. It is not only of practical value, but also an embodiment of aesthetics. It is a handicraft product with the traditional characteristics of the Chinese nation

it can be placed and moved freely according to needs, and reflect each other with the indoor environment. In the past, the screen mainly played the role of separating space, and more emphasis was placed on the decorative side of the screen, which not only needed to create the effect of "separation without separation", but also emphasized its own artistic effect

the beauty of the screen lies in the exquisite patterns on the screen, which are extremely beautiful. There are embossed Yunlong patterns, flowers, birds, mountains and rivers and other inlays and embroidery patterns, which make the screen icing on the cake in precious places and go to a higher level. It makes people feel relaxed and refreshed. "The shadow of mica screen candle is deep, the river is gradually falling, and the dawn stars are sinking." the feeling of Shang Yin has long vanished





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