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Recently, Juyuan screen window held a training meeting for two groups of employees to "adjust their mentality and break through themselves". Nearly 150 office staff and production employees from all departments of the company participated in the training

mentality guides people's behavior, and a good mentality determines an extraordinary life! In order to promote the implementation of enterprise training, further strengthen the psychological counseling of employees, improve employees' mental health level and happiness, and guide employees' behavior, recently, Juyuan screen held a two batch of "adjust mentality ・ break through self" employee training meetings. Nearly 150 office staff and production employees of all departments of the company participated in the training

Juyuan business school training site

this training was organized by the human resources and Administration Department of the company and held at the headquarters Business School of Juyuan screen company. Jiang Jun, the deputy general manager of the company and lecturer of Juyuan business school, gave a lecture. It was shared around the definition of mentality, the importance of mentality, the classification of mentality, the self-regulation of mentality, etc. through a number of well-known video cases combined with actual cases in the process of enterprise management, A lively and wonderful psychological counseling class was taught in simple terms

President Jiang often shares

employees come to the stage to share

he believes that there are only small differences between people, the biggest difference is success and failure, and the mentality is precisely the most fundamental competitiveness of your success or failure. When the general environment cannot be changed, we can change our mentality and try to maintain a sunny, happy, positive and grateful attitude towards life

President Jiang's wonderful explanation, interesting sharing, and pleasant communication and interaction with employees have made the atmosphere of the whole training site lively, so that each participant can further learn and master the knowledge about healthy mentality in a relaxed and pleasant environment, learn how to better manage and use emotions, and feel how to work happily and live happily




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