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In recent years, high-end solid wood customization has been sought after by successful people because of its consistent home style, green environmental protection, exquisite workmanship, high-end taste and other advantages, and has become the first choice for villa decoration. The "barons living home" solid wood customized home originated from France pays more attention to artistic sentiment and interest in life. The traditional idea of people-oriented and respecting nature is the design center. The designer uses luxurious European classical design elements to create an official effect like palace taste, with aesthetic feeling, storytelling and the owner's self style

let's enjoy barens Life home solid wood customization, feel the visible luxury life in France! Barens Lifehome will customize a satisfactory and complete home scheme for you, customize the exclusive perfect space, and feel the different luxury life

enter the Chengdu operation center of Shenzhen barens company, located on the 16th floor of block B, building 1, Huirong International Plaza, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, with modern offices, magnificent exhibition halls, and fashionable and high-end design elements everywhere. Starting from the field of traditional furniture, this enterprise joined the solid wood customized furniture industry in 2013. In just one year, it quickly improved its brand publicity and investment promotion system; Complete CI system has been improved; Established an ideal and experienced elite team; Many operation centers have been established in mainstream cities across the country; It has realized the high-end overall furniture scheme of countless villas and mansions, and has become a dark horse in the overall solid wood customized furniture industry...

what is the charm of barens lifestyle home derived from, is the exquisite design

barens The design elements of life home come from nature (people, animals, plants), and the inspiration depends on the customer! Through the communication between designers and customers, designers can show customers' inner thoughts through products and realize the true meaning of customization

what is the charm of barens lifestyle home? It is the strength of the brand.

the establishment of the brand is soft power. Barens lifestyle home always adheres to the attitude of excellence, achieves the perfection of every detail, and becomes famous as soon as it appears. Barens not only chose the best advertising company in the industry to build a brand image in an all-round way, but also worked and behaved in a down-to-earth manner. The materials are genuine, the process is improved, and the quality control is strictly controlled, one step at a time. From development, design, production to sales, installation and after-sales, all links are meticulous, and they are praised by products and word-of-mouth

what is the charm of barens home? It is the high-end material.

barens uses internationally imported boards, including Russian ash, Russian ash, American red oak, American red cherry, red poplar, southwest birch and boxwood. The equipment and technology of imported wood in raw material processing are ahead of that in China (drying, corrosion prevention and insect prevention), and the moisture control is very strict, between 6% and 8%! The above imported wood grows in extremely cold areas, and its growth cycle is far greater than that of domestic wood, so the density of imported wood is far greater than that of domestic wood. Therefore, the stability, firmness, impact resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation of furniture made of imported wood are better than those made of domestic wood

barens Living Home Furniture Co., Ltd. is a strategic partner of heitis company in Germany. The use of heitis products by barens furniture has been authorized by the German headquarters, and the authorization certificate has been issued

what is the charm of barens home? The perfection of craftsmanship

barens uses all German martensite and heroic production equipment. Skilled workers are from Zhejiang. Zhejiang workers are famous all over the country, and they are especially good at woodworking, carving and painting. All carved parts of barens are manually carved. Taiwan Dabao wood paint is used uniformly. This brand ranks first in the field of wood paint in the world. All paints of barens strictly adopt the process of three bottoms and three sides, which is far higher than that of the same industry

what is the charm of barens home? The elite of the team

barens has a team with high quality, generally with a bachelor's degree, rich business knowledge and industry elites. They compare learning, status and work, learn from each other, learn from each other, supervise and urge each other, promote each other, and improve together. In the rapidly changing domestic market environment, barens always adheres to the enterprise creed of "being sincere and doing things seriously", and takes the enterprise mission of "industrialization mode, meeting users' personalized needs" as its own responsibility




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