Correct method of using anti-theft door

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The correct way to use anti-theft doors

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in order to keep up with the progress of the times and meet their own needs, they installed anti-theft doors without doubt? It's a good sense of the times, but do you still want to hit the door and leave like before? Wrong, very wrong, Rong gaojun will start talking about the correct method of anti-theft door again

when going out, lock the door with a key before leaving. Many people are afraid of trouble, so they just close the door and leave. In fact, the burglar door can't be pushed open on the surface, but only the latch pops out and jams the door, while the other locking points are not locked, so the thief becomes very easy to succeed. The anti-theft function of the anti-theft door is greatly reduced. Therefore, you must close the door and then lock all the lock points with a key to reflect the anti-theft performance of the anti-theft door

to lock the door from the inside, you should lock the door with the key and screw on the safety. Similarly, if the elderly and children are alone at home or go to sleep in the dead of night, thieves will not only cause property damage, but also serious personal injury

have you used the security door correctly? It is very important to use the anti-theft door correctly. Since the anti-theft door is set, it should be effectively used to give full play to the value of the anti-theft door

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