Temperament beauty 110000 decoration 87 flat nest

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The building area is 87.27 square meters, but because it is a high-rise building, the occupancy rate is very low, which actually looks like 60-70 square meters. Two bedrooms and two living rooms are not the traditional North-South transparent room. The two bedrooms face south, and the living room and kitchen face east. The old people said that our house should be very warm in winter, but it will be very hot in summer. However, we spent this summer here and feel good. It's not hot enough, and there is still a cool breeze when the window is open. The simple and elegant rural decoration looks very stylish. Living in such a house, I feel like a princess

this is the entrance door. As soon as we enter the door, there is a living room, so there is nothing called porch in our house. The white one on the right side of the door is the shoe cabinet. Because the place is very narrow and there are some valves inside, we found someone to make this cabinet ourselves. I bought handles and other things later

Jingjing anti-theft door

there is a pot of silk flowers on the shoe cabinet, and another bowl like a fruit plate is prepared for the dirty husband, because he always likes to throw some small things such as keys casually. This is prepared for him, not only for the sake of the cleanliness of the home, but also to prevent him from leaving things carelessly when he goes out, and he will see it before he goes out in this bowl

Guangri solid wood floor

the dining table and display cabinet facing the door. This cabinet is also made to deal with space problems. It seems to be practical now, and the exposed part can be used as decoration. And the part with door can be used to store things

origin international solid wood furniture




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