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France is a romantic country, and its artistic temperament often fascinates artists. In addition to French fashion and fashion products, they are always desirable. In fact, French home style is as delicate and romantic as fashion. Its French baroque style is the representative of European Baroque style and a synonym for high-end and luxury

yearning for the free world

baroque style prevailed in Europe in the 17th century, and its main characteristics are the emphasis on strength, change and movement, as well as the integration of architectural painting and sculpture and indoor environment. It itself contains the meaning of "bizarre", so it has the characteristics of exaggeration, romance, passion, irrationality, illusion and fantasy. Emphasize the level and depth, break the balance and change the plane. The use of various colors of marble, gemstones, bronze, gold, etc. is gorgeous and spectacular. It broke the rules and regulations of ancient Roman classicism architectural style and yearned for a free and unrestrained world

pursue romantic luxury

thin and tall door frames and arched door openings are typical features of French Baroque. It is elegant, generous, classical, durable and noble. At the same time, furniture with noble lines can be seen everywhere in ordinary French homes, such as the lines of chair corners, the shape of window bars, the nuances of desks, exquisite gold painted patterns, classical cracks... The classical heritage of the French Court seems to appear. French Baroque pursues not only religious or noble luxury, but also romantic decoration to reflect its artistic characteristics

understanding customs

the classical baroque style has a certain religious color, which is not suitable for copying in modern people's rooms. Properly extracting some elements or quoting individual decorative techniques can also create a luxurious and romantic French classical court style

if you want to create a French baroque style, you must choose a single family villa with large space, and the space of the villa should be closed and symmetrical. This style emphasizes the symmetry of corridors and columns, the ups and downs of lines and the three-dimensional sense of carving, so it has certain requirements for spatial structure. In terms of decoration techniques, you can use more furniture, curtains and wallpaper with mosaic patterns, geometric figures, flowers, plants or figures. Ivory, shells, marble, sheepskin and gold foil are also typical baroque decorative elements. In addition, French oil paintings, velvet fabrics, gold and silver decorations can also well reflect the characteristics of Baroque




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