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Once the United States and Iran go to war, these seven countries will probably be involved in the war. Author's signature: military aircraft Map Guide: after the United States sent drones to air raid in Iraq to kill Sulaimani, commander of the "Holy City Brigade" of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the situation in the middle East has become chaotic. Not only the contradictions between the United States and Iran have deepened, but also Iraq has a grudge to drive away the U.S. Army. The United States has responded very directly. If I leave, I can give me the money, As for the amount, it is at least billions of dollars. Once the situation worsens sharply and a war breaks out between the United States and Iraq, which countries will be involved in the war? Although it is unlikely that the United States will start a war with Iraq from the current signs, there are also many participants of extraterritorial forces in the Middle East issue, and there is no lack of opposition with the United States in the Middle East affairs

◎ Sulaimani was killed by Hellfire missiles launched by the US God of death attack UAV

no1: Britain

during the period of sharp deterioration of us Iraq relations, Britain has expressed its attitude on the regional situation. Britain and the US military have joint forces in Iraq. After the Iraqi military base was harassed by rockets by the composite stacking of axial cloth, C cloth and strong foam sandwich, the British side not only issued new instructions to the escort warships in the Persian Gulf, but also added heavy equipment to the special operations personnel in Iraq to prevent retaliation from Iran. Moreover, the British side also has a nuclear powered attack nuclear submarine near the Persian Gulf. If the British military assets encounter a military attack at sea, Nuclear submarines will launch Tomahawk cruise missiles to fight back. Obviously, if there is a war between the United States and Iraq, Britain may participate locally

◎ British Navy 45 destroyer

Britain has always been highly consistent with the United States in regional wars, especially in the Middle East war. It is not surprising that Britain participated in the war in case of war. The coordination of us and British military equipment and armed personnel is also very close in NATO. In addition to the similarity of values, Britain and the United States have a highly consistent diplomatic strategy

no2: Israel

it has not been a day or two since Israel wanted to attack Iran militarily. However, Israel itself has not enough confidence to win Iran. However, if the United States takes the lead in initiating war, Israel is probably the happiest. Israel regards Iran as a thorn in the flesh due to the slight decline in the maritime market, but it is helpless that its own territory is too small and has no strategic depth. If it cannot destroy Iran's ballistic missiles in the first wave of military attacks, Israel will not be able to bear the burden

◎ in order to deal with the tension, Israel took off four G550 "Sea Eagle" early warning aircraft to keep on alert

in fact, once war broke out between the United States and Iraq, Israel may be the most unlucky. Israel is too close to Iran. Iran's ballistic missiles can completely cover the whole territory of Israel. As long as there is a leak during interception, Israel will inevitably encounter heavy bombing. This is also the reason why Israel does not dare to attack Iran easily. Secondly, Iran has a strong penetration ability on land. It is possible to launch attacks against Israel from Lebanon and Syria

no3: Iraq

the Iraqi Shiite militia has been suffering from the United States for a long time. In the first wave of bombing called the indication error of the experimental machine measurement system in the United States, it targeted the Shiite militia armed "national mobilization armed forces" in Iraq, causing at least 20 casualties, and then killed Sulaimani and several commanders of the "national mobilization armed forces"

◎ the US Army is boarding the C-17 transport plane

if there is a conflict between the United States and Iraq, Iraq will probably become a mess. At present, the United States simply cannot control Iraq. Even the Iraqi government is not entirely pro american. The Shia people who have grown up in recent years are bound to embark on the anti American road with Iran. Once the United States launches an all-out war, it will face at least one front of pressure

no4: Saudi Arabia as an important ally of the US military in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has always been entangled with the pro Iranian armed Hussein. After the Saudi oil field was attacked, Saudi Arabia was the first to stand up and say that it was Hussein's armed forces. Once the war breaks out, the armed forces of Hussein will be more clear than anyone. It is an optional action to make trouble for Saudi Arabia and reduce the pressure on Iran. As a Sunni power, Saudi Arabia will probably follow the direct military threat of the United States to Iran and the pro Iranian armed forces, and the Hussein armed forces will naturally fight for their lives

◎ the U.S. Air Force F-15E attack eagle of the 494th expeditionary Fighter Squadron

however, from the perspective of geographical location, Saudi Arabia may also suffer huge losses, especially across the Persian Gulf from Iran. Iranian short-range missiles can hit Saudi Arabia. Saudi oil fields and important military targets will become the prey of Iran. For the international community, the war cannot be ended in a short time, and the safety of navigation in the Persian Gulf may be difficult to guarantee

no5: Russia

at this time, do not doubt whether Russia will participate in the war, but that Russia has to participate. If Russia abandons Iran, the Russian plan to promote the elimination of Western forces together with Turkey and Iran will be dashed. Russia's influence in the Middle East will also decline sharply, and the strategic space established after its involvement in the Syrian war will be eroded

◎ in 2017, Putin announced the withdrawal of troops at Syria's Hemei Minh airport. The situation has forced him to withdraw now.

so this point is very clear, and Russia is bound to participate. However, it is unlikely that Russia will directly send troops. It will mainly counter the United States through the United Nations, provide arms assistance to Iran, and even send military commanders and special operations forces. In fact, once war breaks out, it will no longer be a point for Iran. Syria, Iraq, Yemen and even Libya will be full of war. To a certain extent, the chaos is also suitable for the infiltration of Russian forces

no6: Turkey

? turkey? You mean NATO Turkey? Who will Turkey be with at this time? Needless to say, at present, Turkey certainly wants to help Iran. From the perspective of international relations in recent years, Turkey's relations with Israel, Greece, the United States and other countries are deteriorating. On the contrary, the cooperative relations with Russia and Iran have reached a historical height

◎ American aircraft carrier

and Turkey has common interests with Iran on many issues, such as energy, Kurdish and regional security. Turkey cannot directly be an enemy of the United States, but it is possible to provide Iran with some information to combat some pro american forces

no7: the United Arab Emirates

the United Arab Emirates and Iran not only have profound contradictions, but also have territorial disputes. In the Strait of Hormuz, the two countries have long disputed the ownership of the greater Tunb Island, the lesser Tunb island and Abu Musa island. Now in the hands of Iran, the United Arab Emirates will not give up such an opportunity

from the above, it can be seen that Iran's main opponent in the Middle East region is Saudi Arabia, which not only has relatively advanced weapons and equipment, but also has a large fortune and has the conditions to fight a high-intensity war. Some small Gulf states represented by the United Arab Emirates, such as Kuwait and Bahrain, are not enough to pose a fatal threat to Iran. Iraq, Turkey and Syria will not be the enemies of Iran. Israel is the role of the United States. It is difficult for Britain to send large-scale troops to cooperate with the United States to fight Iran. It can be said that, on the whole, the situation in the Middle East that Iran is facing is not "alone". In the final analysis, Iran's biggest pain is a US Army that is several equivalents stronger than itself. For the United States, fighting Iran is not fighting Iraq. Once it is fully carried out, the Middle East will be in chaos for at least a few years, and it may not be able to meet the wishes of the United States in a few years. The current situation and the actions of various countries are still "tangled" in summary


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