On whether color management is standardized or not

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Discussion on color management process: whether the color tube is standardized even for the same product (II)

why is digital proofing inconsistent with printing color restoration

1. Whether the basic linearity of the software generated printer matches

because it expresses the characteristics of the printer nozzle, the actual ink tolerance of the paper and the color restoration ability. The linearity of each output device is unique and cannot be universal

2. Whether the printing test sample accurately expresses the color reproduction

depends on whether the sample provided by the customer is standard. It is recommended to obtain samples in a standard environment. And ensure that the printed matter is consistent with the sample standard

3. Whether the spectrophotometer is used consistently

it is recommended to use the same brand and model of testing instruments in different processes. Linearity correction of printer. It is recommended that consistent measuring equipment be used for this process as well

4. Whether the brand and model of the printing medium and ink have changed

if so, the color restoration will also be affected

5. Whether the printer has not been calibrated for a long time

after the printer has been used for a period of time, the color will be inaccurate due to slight loss of the nozzle or other reasons. It is necessary to regularly cooperate with the spectrophotometer to use the printer linear calibration function provided by the software

6. The software service provider did not provide timely service at the later stage. It regularly came to the door to assist in maintenance. Whether there was a fuse breaking technical response in the fast 2 electrical control cabinet, and the continuity of software upgrade. In this way, the customer will not feel that the dealer is not responsible for himself

measurement charts and equipment required for printing overview file generation

test equipment

people used to like to use it 8 charts. In fact, eci2002 charts include all the color blocks in it 8, and then add some dark colors. Therefore, we recommend that users still use eci2002 charts

what kind of printing test chart is ideal

usually when we install the machine for the customer, the customer will ask us for a printing test chart. Usually, we provide the following chart to the customer, which basically includes all possible problems before printing

printing test chart

(the picture sequence is arranged from left to right and from top to bottom). Figure 1 on the left is a black-and-white image, and we can see the three color ladder it presents during printing; Figure 2 Figure mainly shows the skin color of the person; Figure 3 is a high light picture. You can see the restoration of high light and basic color; Figure 4 spot color printing in black and orange; Figure 5 can be used to see the layers of medium and high tones; Figure 6 is used to observe the saturation; Figure 7 is used to observe the dark tone level

Figure 2 and Figure 6 are RGB charts of the largest market for plastic processing machinery. The file is based on PDF F3. If the system is not based on PDF F3 process, there will be a gray difference between the two charts

the following 4 pictures of purple skirts are used to observe the impact. See whether there will be a collision at different angles and under different lines. When looking at the steps and the transition, will the layers be pulled open

how to better use digital proofing software

1. Stability of later printing conditions and operation personnel

stable printing quality can improve the utilization rate of digital proofing and save actual costs

frequent replacement of operators is not conducive to the stability of digital proofing color

it is recommended that special personnel use digital proofing software and carry out later maintenance

2 Cooperate with spectrophotometer for later use and maintenance

printer linearity correction can be carried out regularly

spectrophotometer can be used to check the color stability of printed samples

3. Select reliable media consumables Table 2 mechanical properties MPa suppliers and software service providers

the stability of media ink supply will increase costs

continuity of software upgrade and rapid and effective technical response

gmg color management software application in the industry: printing industry, art reproduction industry, image industry

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