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On vehicle adjustment method for PT fuel pump of diesel engine PT fuel system is adopted for Cummins N and NH series diesel engines. There are two types of this series: pt-g pump, which is a governor controller, and pt-r pump, which is a pressure regulating type

pt pump fuel system has the following main features: in the PT fuel system of Bosch Company, fuel generation, timing distribution and fuel volume regulation are all carried out in the fuel pump; In the fuel pump and injector fuel system, the high pressure of fuel, timing distribution and fuel volume adjustment are carried out in the fuel pump and injector. Only about 20% of the fuel entering the injector is injected into the combustion chamber from the injector. The rest is driven by the servo motor, which drives the moving beam up and down through the transmission mechanism to realize the process of experimental loading There are two types of fuel in single space and dual space models. The return oil after cooling and lubricating the fuel injector has a far-reaching impact on the development of high-quality and high-value commodities in the industry. Since the fuel pump in PT fuel system only outputs low-pressure oil without high-pressure oil pipe, there is no problem of pressure wave at high speed, and the injector plunger has a fast downward speed and small orifice size, the maximum injection pressure can reach 100MPa, which is conducive to the fuel mist at 1 As the sales volume is linked to their wages, 86mpa has good load reduction, full combustion, pollution discharge and economy; When the diesel engine is stopped, the fuel cut-off valve is used to close the oil circuit to cut off the oil flow

the on-board adjustment of PT fuel pump of diesel generator depends on the diesel engine status, parasitic load and the accuracy of the instruments used. The speed and adjustment inspection methods under different working conditions are as follows:

1. Idle speed

when the diesel engine is running, remove all the air in the oil circuit and make the diesel engine reach the operating temperature; Unscrew the screw plug from the cover of the pt-g two-stage governor spring assembly; Adjust the idle speed, screw in the adjusting screw to increase the idle speed, and screw out the adjusting screw to reduce the idle speed; After the idle speed is adjusted, replace the plug

on PT fuel pump equipped with MVs full range governor, the maximum speed and idle speed adjustment screws are located on the governor cover. After adjustment, tighten the locknut immediately to prevent air from entering the fuel pump

for each series of diesel engines, the factory has recommended idle speed, which is allowed to change reasonably. If it is too large, it will be difficult to gear, and if it is too low, it will be easy to shut down

if the idle speed is unstable, it is related to the governor plunger. Check the extension of the flyweight booster plunger

2. Maximum speed (accelerator pressed to the bottom)

the maximum speed is usually calibrated on the PT fuel pump test bench, and the method of adding or reducing the high-speed spring gasket of the governor is generally used; If it has been adjusted on the test bench, there is no need to change it

on vehicle inspection method for maximum no-load speed: make the transmission in neutral gear or the clutch in disengaged state, open the throttle valve and keep it in full open position. At this time, the maximum speed of the diesel engine shall be 10%-12% higher than the speed at the disconnection point of the governor; When this speed greatly exceeds the specified value, the governor assembly shall be subject to fault inspection or its parts shall be checked for suitability. (end)

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