On the use of ink scraper

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Talking about: usage of ink scraper

after the ink scraper is worn, it should be replaced in time. At ordinary times, the tool holder shall be disassembled for cleaning, and the experimental force that the ink in the scraper and pressure blade can bear to dry the sample shall be as small as several 10cn (such as spandex for textile). The ink in the tool holder has not been cleaned for a long time. After the doctor blade is installed, the blade edge will form a curve, uneven and straight. The amount of ink scraped on the texturing roller will form a circumferential ink mark, which is difficult to adjust during printing. The material of doctor blade is divided into stainless steel scraper and polyester plastic scraper. Plastic scraper is generally used for field layout printing, which is better. Due to the high-speed operation of the flexographic press, the knife edge is worn quickly, which often causes the polyester plastic scraper debris to fall into the ink or be sandwiched between the scraper and the embossing roller, and then transferred to the printing plate, affecting the print quality. Due to small wear, the steel scraper is generally installed in reverse direction for scraping, with an angle of 30 ~ 40. The angle and pressure of the scraper depend on the adjustment of the scraper spring (cylinder). When replacing the worn doctor blade, pay attention to the cleaning of the tool holder and the blade, so pay attention to the sliding ink of each part. If there is dry ink in the tool holder and blade, the blade edge will be bent and uneven after the scraper is installed, which will also cause circumferential ink marks on the roller, which is difficult to adjust during printing and affect the print quality. After each printing, the doctor blade must be cleaned. The blade edge must be wiped with alcohol. The "national sword" activity on the blade is similar to China's "green fence" action against waste import in 2013, so as to avoid the blade edge rusting and affect the uneven ink scraping during printing

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