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Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology for printing surface imprinting laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology for printing surface imprinting has the following characteristics: whether the overflow valve piston is dead or installed reversely. This technology uses the laser holographic logo as a printing unit to wipe and clean the instrument surface while printing the trademark to imprint the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting trademark; The logo is stamped on the surface of the trademark, which is not covered with the trademark itself. The logo is clear and easy to identify; This technology can be used on various printing and packaging materials, such as copper paper, aluminized paper, pure aluminum foil, plastic film, etc., and has micro scale marks. At the same time, it can be used to open windows, locate and imprint trademarks to prevent counterfeiting. The technology adopts benzene free materials, which is beneficial to environmental protection; Low production cost; The trademark made by this technology is similar to the common trademark printing standard. It can be applied to the problem production of 3600 bottles/hour automatic labeling production line. The labeling performance is good and the length is 50 meters

the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology imprinted on the printing surface has high anti-counterfeiting degree, is difficult to be imitated, and is easy to be recognized by the public. At present, this technology is exclusive and practical in production equipment, production process and printing materials. It is a new technology in the field of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting. It is the first in China. It is suitable for the production of high-speed automatic labeling machines. It has a broad market prospect in the field of packaging anti-counterfeiting in China

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