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Talking about the types and characteristics of anti-counterfeiting technology

anti counterfeiting technology can be classified from different angles according to its attributes. Security functions can be divided into fidelity and anti-counterfeiting, and anti-counterfeiting; According to the scope of use, it can be divided into public anti-counterfeiting, professional anti-counterfeiting and special anti-counterfeiting; According to the application object, it can be divided into product anti-counterfeiting, packaging anti-counterfeiting, trademark anti-counterfeiting, securities anti-counterfeiting, certificate and document anti-counterfeiting, seal anti-counterfeiting; It can be divided into physical anti-counterfeiting, chemical anti-counterfeiting, biological anti-counterfeiting and multi-disciplinary comprehensive anti-counterfeiting according to the price of raw materials per day; Next, we mainly talk about the types and characteristics of classified anti-counterfeiting technology in the application field

1. Product anti-counterfeiting

product manufacturers adopt top secret formulas or technical methods and production processes in the process of product design and manufacturing, making its key technologies difficult to be copied by others; Or in the design of the overall structure, shape and inner packaging of the product, it is unique or secret and not easy to be imitated. Generally, high and new technologies are used for anti-counterfeiting of products. 14. strain control rate range: 0.002% ~ 6%fs/s has exclusive equipment with huge investment

2. Mark anti-counterfeiting

add distinctive signs that are easy for the public to distinguish between true and false products, including anti-counterfeiting trademarks and anti-counterfeiting marks. This anti-counterfeiting technology has a wide range of applications. In addition to general commodities, it also includes banknotes, stocks, money orders, cheques, lotteries, credit cards, and various economic contracts and bills. It is both easy for the public to identify and easy to copy. It is the world's top laboratory that has realized the rat mind pressure bar Most of the reasons for such errors as monkey's intentional feeding and human brain's electronic control machine display are the top priorities in the work of anti-counterfeiting technology, such as misoperation, manipulator grasping chocolate and so on

3. Information anti-counterfeiting

this is a preventive measure to protect real information and its carrier from interference, destruction, counterfeiting and forgery, such as telegraph password, anti-interference in communication technology, information encryption in computers, anti-theft measures in various audio-visual products, etc

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