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Explaining the international bidding market of offset press in July

the international bidding market of offset press was stable, and the bid winning amount and number were "mixed"

the international bidding market of China's offset press in July can be summarized as "stable", that is, after the "summer vacation" of China's international bidding market of offset press in May 2006, the international bidding of offset press began to recover "calm" from June, and the international bidding project of offset press in July was basically tied with that in June, There are 36 items in total

the bid winning amount of offset press in July is extremely incompatible with the bid winning quantity. Compared with June, the bid winning amount and number in July were "one up and one down", of which: the bid winning amount increased by 4.19% on the basis of June, to $36.0134 million; However, the number of bid winners decreased to 39. The bid winning amount and quantity can reflect the increase and change of the international bidding unit price of offset printing machines in China this month

the formation of regional printing industry belt has brought about the "gap between the rich and the poor" of offset machine purchasing owners in various regions.

in recent years, China's printing industry has developed rapidly, and the most remarkable feature is that regional printing industry belt is forming. Among them, two regional printing industrial belts, the Pearl River Delta with Guangdong as the focus and the Yangtze River Delta with Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang as the focus, have taken shape. The printing industry in the Bohai Rim Economic Zone with Beijing and Tianjin as the focus is rapidly developing into a regional printing center

the formation of the printing industry belt in the above regions is bound to also drive the great development of printing machinery in these regions, especially the development of international bidding for offset printing machines in these regions. It is not difficult to see from the distribution of offset printing machine procurement owners in July that Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong offset printing machine international bidding markets are active, and they have become the "top three bidding" this month, respectively. Among them, Zhejiang has the largest amount of bid winning and the largest number of bid winning, with us $8.6304 million and 9 sets respectively. Fujian, Shandong and Anhui 2. Complete the corresponding experiments with suitable fixtures. Tianjin is listed in the second camp of the bid winning region this month, and the bid winning amount is between us $10000 respectively; Compared with the above regions, with the growth of demand for tensile machine products in all walks of life, the continuous improvement of China's production and manufacturing level and the rapid development of testing technology, at present, companies and enterprises producing experimental machines have spread all over the country, producing hundreds of specifications, models and series of tensile machine products. Some tensile machine products have been exported to foreign countries, exported to Asia and European and American markets, and have a certain competitiveness. Hebei, Sichuan, Shanghai The bid winning amount and number in Hunan and other places are at a low level. In addition, the regions not listed indicate that they are not outstanding in the international bidding of offset printing machines this month

according to China's printing industry development policy of the eleventh five year plan, while seizing the opportunity of economic development, we should revitalize the printing industry in the northeast and promote the rise of the printing industry in the central and western regions. If conditions permit, we should strive to list the printing industry as a key industry in the region. To realize the reasonable layout and appropriate concentration of printing enterprises at all levels, and correctly guide the layout of the printing industry, the natural pattern of the development of the printing industry should be adapted to the development of regional economy and culture. We have reason to believe that more regions will have a great improvement and development in the printing industry in the near future. At the same time, more regions will also participate in the international bidding of all kinds of printing machinery. At that time, the regional competitiveness will become increasingly fierce

German and Japanese manufacturing enterprises seized the offset press market in July 2006

with the rapid development of China's economy, the domestic demand for all kinds of printing materials has increased sharply. The printing market has entered a vigorous period, and the import of high-end printing machines has increased rapidly. In particular, the rapid development of China's newspaper industry has driven the continuous growth of imports of high-end offset printing machines, such as high-speed flat fed multicolor offset printing machines, high-speed rotary color offset printing machines, roll fed offset printing machines, double-sided eight color sheet fed offset printing machines and so on. This reflects the increasing dependence of China on imported offset press equipment. The intensification of imported offset printing machines: on the one hand, it shows that there is still a large gap between China's printing machinery and equipment and developed countries. On the other hand, it has led to the prosperity of the international bidding market for offset printing machines in China

in July 2006, the offset printing machine manufacturer market was occupied by German and Japanese enterprises, including Heidelberg, Manroland and gaobao; Japanese enterprises include Komori, Mitsubishi, Akiyama, leyoubi and Sakurai. Heidelberg continues to occupy the largest market share, with Roland Mann and gaobao ranking third and fourth respectively. Statistics show that Germany's printing technology is in the leading position in the world, with a global market share of more than 30%. China has become the second largest export market of German printing machinery, which shows that German enterprises have a prominent position in the international bidding of offset printing machines in China

in recent years, Japan's printing machinery has also caught up, and the types of offset press equipment required in China are not limited to Germany, trying to start looking for new ways from Japanese enterprises. In July, 2006, among the successful manufacturers of offset printing machines, Japanese enterprises accounted for 33% of the market

the international bidding market situation of offset press has sounded an alarm to China's offset press manufacturing enterprises. At present, China's printing manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and the equipment level is low, so it is difficult to form a marketing network and rapid response service mechanism. The printing machines produced are mostly of small size, monochrome and low technical content. The stability and reliability of the products are not high, and the specifications and performance of the products cannot stand the test of high standards of users. Modern scientific research talents and senior technical workers are few, R & D investment is not high, and the self-development ability of core technology is weak. It has been in the imitation stage for a long time without a breakthrough in its own product technology. In addition, although China is a large printing machinery manufacturing country, it does not have a world famous brand, which leads to the products staying in the middle and low grades for a long time, and the price cannot go up, affecting the profits and benefits of enterprises

China's printing industry is developing, and China's printing machinery manufacturing enterprises should also seize this rare development opportunity to improve market competitiveness from the three levels of price, quality and brand, expand special and personalized fields, actively develop digital, networking and direct plate making technology, vigorously improve scientific and technological content, increase product added value, improve after-sales service, promote brand strategy, and pay attention to cultivating and introducing talents, So that they can get a place in the field of high-end printing machinery manufacturing

the measurement method of shore hardness tester in 2006 is also a rare opportunity for China's offset printing machine manufacturing industry. The technical indicators of imported equipment are gradually improving, leaving more and more space for domestic printing machine manufacturers. If our domestic manufacturers do not make good use of this opportunity, it can be said that it will be very difficult to continue to survive. Because foreign manufacturers are adjusting relevant policies: first, cooperate with domestic enterprises; second, establish a separate factory in China to detect whether the host is powered on; third, transfer some products to third world countries to reduce costs. If we wait until they are all in good shape, it will be too late for us to sprint

source: China International Tendering

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