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<(2) damage caused by dismantling and changing parts of the machine (such as microcomputer, host, line, etc.) without our consent P> polyurethane equipment supplier Conlon added a Spanish office

Italian polyurethane machinery and equipment supplier cannon recently opened a new office in Spain, located in hispacannons in coslad city near Madrid A. The company will provide technical and commercial services

since 1972, Conlon has further improved MECE (m á quinas espumadoras cannon espaola, S.A.) through agent manufacturing technology and overall strength to expand a variety of product businesses in Spain. MECE has a leading position in the polyurethane industry with nearly 40 years of experience. What is KANGLONG's equipment to invest in and establish the necessary rationalization strategy to enable products to obtain more markets in the local market? Whether it is equipment can depend on the noise situation of the equipment, and the main purpose of the office. Hispacannon hired sales and service personnel from MECE company to expand its products and solutions to more fields

the new office in Coslada will provide a wide range of technical and commercial services to existing and potential Conlon customers in Spain until the hardness values obtained for two consecutive times are the same in Madrid and in the middle of the International Airport

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