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Cognex launched a new technology to enable logistics businesses to read more barcodes with fewer code readers

(Shanghai, November 15, 2012). Cognex (NASDAQ: CGNX) announced the launch of an innovative field of view expansion technology Xpand for its DataMan 300 series image-based barcode readers. Xpan technology enables retail distribution, parcel and postal applications to be solved with fewer code readers, thereby reducing installation time, setup time and overall cost

dataman, please check the following items on this stage before making the first model launch: 300 is a code reader series released earlier this year, and its ease of use and high reading rate have exceeded the customer's expectation of being neat and free of roughness. By adding Xpand technology, the field of view of a single dataman300 coder can be increased by more than 50%. Carl gerst, vice president of vision and manager of ID product business unit, said that this technology allows a single visual unit to see more transmission belts, thus significantly expanding the target market of dataman300 in the logistics industry

Gerst continued that the pressure on distribution centers to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs has never been so great. The increase in the reading rate provided by the Cognex barcode reader means that there are fewer packages that need to be manually processed, and only a small number of workers need to be arranged to re label or change the transmission route of unqualified products

xpand accessories are specially designed for use with high-performance dataman300 series barcode readers. DataMan barcode system is a better choice for customers than laser code readers, because they can provide higher reading rate and visual performance feedback, and have longer product service life. DataMan code reader fully combines the excellent performance of Cognex's image-based products with the cost and ease of use advantages of laser code readers

Xpand technology specially developed for dataman300 code reader has been officially launched. For more information about Xpand technology, please visit

about Cognex

Cognex designs, develops, manufactures and sells machine vision and industrial ID systems, that is, visual devices. Cognex's vision and ID systems are widely used in a variety of inspection, identification and guidance applications throughout the production and distribution process worldwide. As a leading machine vision and industrial ID company in the world, Cognex has sold more than 750000 sets of machine vision systems since its establishment in 1981, with a cumulative profit of more than $3billion. Cognex is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, with regional offices and distribution offices in North America, Japan, Europe, Asia and Latin America. For more details, please visit the company website:

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