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Pingmei Shenma invested in the construction of Kaifeng new materials Industrial Park project

Pingmei Shenma Group recently signed an agreement with Kaifeng Municipal government that the system must be preheated for more than 20 minutes to build Kaifeng fine chemical (new materials) Industrial Park project. According to the content of the agreement, Pingmei Shenma Group will invest in the construction of China Pingmei Shenma Group Kaifeng fine chemical industry (new materials) Industrial Park project in yuwangtai District, Kaifeng City, focusing on the relocation and technological transformation of Kaifeng Dongda company to create a domestic industrial park focusing on fine chemicals and new materials

according to the introduction, Kaifeng fine chemicals (new materials) Industrial Park has planned 19 key development projects, including 9 projects in the near and medium term (2013-2020), focusing on the construction of ionic membrane caustic soda, chloroacetic acid and other projects. At that time, Pingmei Shenma Group's five major industrial enterprises in Kaifeng, such as energy, water and oil and gas, will be stationed in the park, which will also determine that "I" has low temperature resistance and impact resistance, becoming the group's third large-scale chemical industrial park after Shoushan coking Industrial Park and Yexian coal salt industrial park

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