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One of the application cases of different samples processed by Sanhui in the same batch -- jtalk voice communication platform

with the launch of Apple's 4S series products, one of the most striking functions of this new product Siri is that people can interact with it. For example, you can dial directly with you without entering the caller's name and query number, but you can directly say the person's name with your mouth. This function has also aroused everyone's imagination. Can this function be introduced into our enterprise communication? The answer is yes! An enterprise voice communication system based on Sanhui board has actually served many well-known enterprises such as Fosun Group, Wangwang group and Shanghai Petrochemical before Siri was launched. It is jtalk voice communication platform

platform architecture diagram:

1 is an excellent control function

product functions and features

product functions

1. Incoming function modules: voice switchboard, firewall, transfer, message, number book query, call record

(1) voice switchboard: when enterprise customers contact enterprise employees, as long as they say the contact name or department name, the system will automatically transfer. Effectively save manual operators

(2) firewall: enterprise employees can configure their own processing methods for answering, for example, some can be transferred, some cannot be transferred, and only listen to the system prompts (such as under the new national standard: busy tone, Hello, the contact you are looking for is not in, please leave a message if you have something, etc.), and employees can also let callers listen to their own recordings (for example, Hello, I am in a meeting, contact later, etc.)

(3) allow employees to set up to transfer to other numbers. For example, if an employee is away on business, he or she can transfer the call to

(4) leave a message: call is allowed, so those who cannot give full play to the advantages of this kind of experimental machine will leave a message to their employees. Employees can listen to messages through the and pages. You can set the email mailbox to give a message reminder to ensure that you will not miss or forget to listen to the message

(5) number book query: employees are allowed to query the information in the number book. For employees who are away on business and have no Internet around them, the query function can easily return the searched information

2. Outgoing function module: voice dialing, number binding, event reminder

(1) allow employees to call person name directly, and realize automatic dialing

(2) allow multiple ways to call: person name, person name + suffix, alias, such as Zhang San, Zhang Sanjia, Zhang San

(3) allow dialect or any personalized voice call (special version configuration)

(4) number binding: allow employees to bind their other numbers with their company's landline number. When an employee uses the bound number to enter the system, the system will consider the caller to be the same as the employee with the corresponding landline number, so the caller can use all the functions of the system owned by the employee with the landline number, such as voice calling, including querying their own information, configuring fire wall settings, and so on

product features

concept innovation, leading the new trend of enterprise communication

the function is very practical and easy to operate

this structure is reasonably designed, easy to maintain, and perfectly combined with calling. A local and non local speech recognition technology can be used and transplanted. Its recognition ability and anti-interference ability are the best in the world. Its modular design makes it very easy to expand its functions in the future. The super voice interruption function realized by itself can be used naturally and quickly. It is closely combined with the enterprise image and enterprise management system, and can become an organic part of the enterprise management platform. The product is expected to become an indispensable platform for employees' daily work like e-mail

password lock protection to prevent product theft

is fully compatible with Avaya, Nortel, Alcatel, Siemens, Panasonic, NEC, Harris, Huawei, Huaheng, Shen ou, Tongli, Guowei and other mainstream enterprise program-controlled switches at home and abroad. Fully compatible with Centrex

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