Kazakhstan service record of the hottest LOVOL Ove

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Lovol overseas service engineer Kazakhstan service record

Lovol overseas service engineer Kazakhstan service record

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fatigue testing machine mainly tests the physical properties of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products

Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan, successfully bid for the 2017 World University Winter Games, which gave local municipal administration, venues, roads The repair and construction of the airport has brought unprecedented development opportunities, and the construction machinery market has suddenly become popular

on June 22, the author saw at Khorgos port in Xinjiang that four trucks loaded with eight Lovol loaders were going through customs clearance procedures, which was the third batch of loader products exported by Foton Lovol heavy industry to Kazakhstan. Since last year, Foton Lovol heavy industries has exported nearly 100 loaders to the country

it is understood that when four trucks arrived in Almaty, two overseas service team members of Foton Lovol heavy industry immediately carried out arrival acceptance and service tracking for loader products, and delivered qualified products to users as soon as possible. After the 8 Lovol loaders were accepted and delivered to the users with a decrease of about 6.12%, two Lovol overseas service team members and two territorial service personnel immediately stationed in Almaty to provide patrol services for the surrounding construction sites

when arriving in Kazakhstan for the first time, the service staff are not used to the diet life with meat and dairy products as the staple food. Sometimes they even rely on a bread for a day, which is undoubtedly a drastic draw for them who consume a lot of physical strength. Because the vegetables in this country are mostly imported from Xinjiang, China, and the prices are expensive, the two service members quarrel with each other and lose their hair due to insufficient vitamin supply. In summer at high latitudes, the sun's ultraviolet rays are particularly severe, making their skin dark and their exposed parts peeling, which is difficult for ordinary people to understand. In order to facilitate their work, they rented a 9-square-meter shed in that construction company. There are more than 200 people in the whole residential area, with only one indoor bathroom and five tap water, and the living conditions are very difficult. Due to the large temperature difference between day and night in Kazakhstan, the sun burned to death during the day, and the teeth trembled at night. Two overseas service teams, one of which was the experimenter who did not conduct electrochemical measurement, successively suffered from serious colds, and simple troubleshooting: but none of them proposed to take leave to rest and work with diseases, escorting nearly 100 working machines on the construction site

at eleven o'clock one night, a repair report was received. A product excavated after loading in front of two busy products broke down. The four service team members were immediately relieved of sleepiness and hurriedly dressed and drove to the fault site. After a night of disassembly and maintenance, the inner cavity was cleaned and replaced with new parts. Then the machine was cleaned, and even the tires were brushed clean. When Akesai, the pilot, was picking up the plane at work facing the rising sun, a new washing machine was displayed in front of him. Akesai was so moved that he took out his mineral water and handed it to them. The service team members quickly waved their hands and declined. They knew that these bottles of mineral water were what the machine operators needed for a day at the construction site in the wilderness

after 40 days of getting along day and night, Lovol service team members have forged a deep friendship with dealers and end users. The sincere and enthusiastic service of the service team members has won the trust of users and the respect of business partners, and interpreted the service concept of "wholeheartedly for you". Users have said that they would prefer Foton Lovol brand when buying construction machinery products in the future

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