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Judgment of the authenticity of commonly used parts and components of agricultural machinery

1. Bearings

qualified ball bearings are made of high-quality bearing steel. Their inner and outer rings and cages should be as bright as a mirror after wiping off the antirust oil, and should be as smooth and delicate as glass when touching; The end face of the outer ring shall be engraved with code, place of origin, date of manufacture and other marks, which shall be clear and conspicuous; The rivets between cages shall be riveted evenly, and the rivet heads shall be straight without deviation. Support the inner ring with your hand and rotate the outer ring with the other hand. The outer ring should rotate quickly and freely, and then stop rotating gradually; Make a mark on the outer ring, and the stop position of the mark should be different every time when it stops; Hold the inner and outer rings with both hands respectively to make them move relatively in the radial and axial directions. There should be no gap feeling. Only the larger bearing can feel the gap, but there should be no metal impact sound. After completing the above inspection and deciding to purchase, the hardness test can be carried out (agreed with the merchant first, and if the hardness does not meet the requirements, it will be returned): file or scratch the outer ring and inner ring of the bearing with the broken stubble of the file or hacksaw blade, and there should be a cluck without chips, scratches or only inconspicuous fine marks. If the bearing identification is fuzzy, the appearance is Matt, there is a gap when shaking, the outer ring stops rotating at the same position, there are debris or scratches when filing, and the cage is rusted, it indicates that the bearing quality is unqualified

2. Oil seal

the qualified rubber oil seal surface should be flat and smooth, without damage and deformation, with code, specification, manufacturer and other marks on the side. The shape and thickness of the cutting edge on the whole circumference of the oil seal should be consistent, and the cutting edge should closely fit on the journal when it is tested with the supporting parts; The shape of oil seal with framework should be correct, and the end face should be round, which can fit with the surface of flat glass without deflection; The outer edge of the frameless oil seal should be straight, and it can be deformed by holding it, and it can be restored to its original state after releasing it; The oil seal spring with spring shall be free of rust and deformation, and the spring shall be tightly fastened in the lip without relaxation. If the oil seal has abnormal shape, defect, weakened elasticity, uneven lip thickness, spring corrosion and other phenomena, it indicates that the quality is unqualified


qualified V-belt has smooth surface and seamless joint bonding. There are clear marks such as trademark, specification and manufacturer's name on the outer circumference, and the length of V-belt of the same model should be consistent. If the appearance of the V-belt is rough, the rubber joint is uneven or open, the edge of the curtain line is exposed, there is no sign or the sign handwriting is fuzzy, and the length of each V-belt is different, it indicates that it is a fake and inferior product

4. Tires

qualified tires have trademarks, models, specifications, layers and cord materials on both sides of the outer tire, which are clear and eye-catching, and some are also printed with production numbers and stamped with inspection qualification seals; The inner tube surface should be smooth and bright, and the hand should be elastic. If the surface identification of the outer tube is incomplete or fuzzy, the inner tube is Matt, the carcass is thin and uneven in thickness, and the hand is inelastic, it is a defective product

5. Threaded parts

the appearance of qualified products should be bright and clean without rust, defects, continuous screw support, burr and crack. Screw the test piece together with the standard accessories, which should be able to screw to the terminal, and there should be no stagnation during the screwing process; After screwing in, the pulling connector should be free of shaking and impact sound. If the threaded parts have rust, cracks, burrs and other defects, and the pulling connector will shake after screwing in, it is a poor product

6. Gears

qualified gears should be packaged in good condition, and the tooth surface should be smooth without cutting marks, burrs, and coated with anti rust oil (or waxing). Generally, the side of the gear has a code; Scratch the working surface of the gear with the stubble of the hacksaw blade, and there should be no scratch or only fine scratch. If there are burrs, cutting marks, rust on the gear surface, scraps and scratches (insufficient hardness) during scratching, the quality is poor

7. V-belt pulley

the qualified V-belt pulley surface has no pores and cracks, and the belt groove is smooth. When the V-belt buckles the belt groove, the V-belt is slightly higher than the notch, and V-belt Jixi also hopes to develop a modern coal chemical industry base according to the characteristics of its rich coal varieties, and the bottom of the groove will not be contacted. If the wheel groove pores are found, the experience after the pilot will be shared to other industries with excess capacity such as cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass, etc., and the shape of the groove surface is not matched with the qualified V-belt, Is inferior

8. Chains

all chains are coated with antirust oil and attached with certificate of conformity; The connecting plate is smooth, free of burrs and black, the rivet marks at both ends of the pin are even, and some connecting plates are printed with brand names. Place the chain on the glass plate (the pin axis is vertical), clamp the middle of the chain with two fingers and slowly lift it up. When both ends of the chain start to leave the glass surface, stop lifting. At this time, the middle of the chain should be less than 10mm from the glass plate, otherwise it indicates that the gap is too large

9. The surface of piston ring

qualified parts is fine and smooth without manufacturing defects. Mr. Chen Weizhong, general manager of Juxian technology, has no distortion and good elasticity until it passes the verification; When the edges and corners of the piston ring are marked with the broken stubble of the steel bar, the edges and corners of the ring are not damaged. If the piston ring is inelastic, the surface is rough, and the edges and corners are damaged, it indicates that the quality of the piston ring is poor

10. filter

the micropore gap of qualified filter paper is 0 Between 08mm, the filter paper is arranged orderly, hard and firm, and does not deform after oil absorption; The material of the central tube of the filter element is high-quality steel, and the size of the hole on it is moderate, which can withstand oil pressure and is not easy to deform. If the filter paper is soft, the loading and arrangement are disordered, the hole sizes are different, and the filter paper cannot be firmly connected with the upper and lower connecting plates, it indicates that the quality is poor

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