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Carlyle Group, a private enterprise, acquired the cardboard business of Jason company. Carlyle Group, a private asset operation company, recently acquired the cardboard business of Jason group from Irving Place asset management as a subversive material management company (Irving Place Capital Management LP) and Oaktree capital management (Oaktree capital management LP4, product advantages). Jason group, located in Nottingham, UK, is a global packaging enterprise, mainly engaged in pharmaceutical and consumer goods packaging. Jason group has 38 corrugated packaging factories in Britain, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and the United States, with a total staff of about 5000 and annual sales of about 493million pounds

the special chemical packaging business of Jason group is not included in the scope of this acquisition

according to Bob Houghton, the head of marketing and publicity of Jason group, caliri group's acquisition of Jason group is to explore new markets and fields. The capital of this acquisition comes from the European partner of caliri group

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