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Kailuan tietuo company relies on technological innovation to actively resist the "cold wave"

Kailuan tietuo company relies on technological innovation to actively resist the "cold wave"

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recently, Kailuan Group tietuo company signed a coal machinery equipment manufacturing contract with China coal overseas development Co., Ltd. for export to India, marking the impact and challenges that the company has brought to the coal machinery equipment manufacturing industry due to the continuous decline in coal prices, Opened the ice breaking journey of market development

facing the severe market situation, tietuo company gives full play to its comparative advantages in technology, talents and equipment, relies on technological innovation and market development, and on the basis of stabilizing the internal market of Kailuan Group, gradually moves towards the social market and actively resists the "cold wave" of the market

in order to achieve new breakthroughs in product development, tietuo company takes product upgrading as the main means to expand the market, gives full play to the leading role of the expert team, transforms and improves existing products, develops a series of supporting products, and helps enterprises successfully enter the field of high-end independent research and development. At the same time, they aim at the advanced level of the same industry, continuously improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises, increase the scientific and technological content of products, expand the market share, and strive to realize the leap from "tietuo manufacturing" to "tietuo creation" through the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced technology. The EBZ-160 cantilever roadheader independently developed by the company with domestic advanced level has been running smoothly, and the coal safety certificate is being handled. The drawing design of the new generation ebz-200 roadheader prototype has also been completed; Zy9200/25.5/55d electro-hydraulic control high-end hydraulic support designed for Fangezhuang mining company has achieved independent research and development for the first time. Independent research and development of suspension support, filling support and other products are further promoted, which has laid a solid foundation for tietuo company to gradually form a new industrial structure of "three machines and one support"

tietuo company also continues to develop new products to meet the needs of the reform of coal mining technology. The mining small undercover excavator produced by Japanese technology has been introduced. After localization and transformation, it has obtained the national utility model patent certificate, filling the gap of new technology of domestic coal mining equipment. This product has been widely used by Jizhong energy [-1.72% capital research report] group as a new technical equipment in its mining area, and has reached an order intention of 40 sets in advance, adding a new economic growth point to the development of the enterprise

at the same time, the company insists on taking sales as the leading factor, increases market development inside and outside the group, focuses on expanding the accessories market, gradually cuts off the switching power supply and re energizes it into a network system supporting the supply of bulk contracts and accessories, successfully develops markets in Shanxi, Henan, Shandong, etc., and has successively signed equipment trains for the jiangjila longwall mining project of the eastern Indian coal company with China coal overseas development Co., Ltd The design, manufacturing, technical services and spare parts supply of cable trailers and other products, as well as the six-year production contract at the stage of process experiment; The manufacturing contract of zf4200/16/26 hydraulic support was signed with Shanxi Liliu Coking Coal Group Co., Ltd. Successfully contracted the manufacturing contracts of Qianjiaying mining company and Donghuantuo mining company, laying a solid foundation for stabilizing the company's economic aggregate

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