Kangtaibo successfully developed fluorocarbon pain

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Zhongkang Taibo has successfully developed fluorocarbon paint for wind power tower

our company has many foreign customers to visit our company all year round. Fluorocarbon paint is known as the "king of paint" because of its super weather resistance and stain resistance, and it is the paint with the lowest loss of outdoor annual aging film. Zhongkangtaibo (Tianjin) anticorrosive coating Co., Ltd. introduces the application of pendulum impact testing machine. The fluorocarbon paint for wind power tower successfully developed by the company this time does not need maintenance or only needs one maintenance within the normal service life of the fan, which can guarantee the anticorrosive life of 20 years

the current situation of wind power coatings uses polyurethane paint of European and American standards, mainly because at the beginning of the development of wind power industry, the development of ultra long weather resistant finish in Europe is not mature, so polyurethane paint with relatively good weather resistance is selected as protection. The general polyurethane paint is limited by its service life, during which it needs to be repainted and maintained for many times, which greatly increases the equipment maintenance cost and potential safety hazards

at present, the ultra-high performance of fluorocarbon paint has been fully recognized by the industrial anti-corrosion market. For example, the introduction of wind power anti-corrosion market in the future can greatly improve the weather resistance, anti-corrosion and other properties of wind power equipment. Compared with Thomas swan, which is currently located in northeast England, it has expanded the utilization range of its elicab graphene material. Wind power will speed up the transformation and upgrading of the company's facilities. Polyurethane paint and fluorocarbon paint will become upgraded products, which will play a very positive role in promoting the upgrading of wind power coatings in China

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