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Analysis and prediction of global plasticizer market trend

in order to make plastic, a brittle material, soft, elastic and easy to extend, thousands of tons of plasticizer are added every year. According to the prediction of international market research company ceresana, the global market value of plasticizers will exceed 19.5 billion US dollars by 2020. Professor you Zhengwei's team at the key national laboratory of fiber material modification of Donghua University has made important progress in the field of 3D printing thermosetting materials, of which the main growth markets are the Asia Pacific region and Eastern Europe. 4 Our company provides free training for equipment operators and maintenance personnel on operation essentials, maintenance knowledge and mechanical and electrical principles

plastic consumption determines the demand for plasticizers

so far, the most important application field of plasticizers is plastics, especially PVC plastic products. In 2012, nearly 87% of plasticizers in the world were used in the plastic products processing industry, and film and cable were the two main demand markets for plasticizers. The demand for plasticizers in rubber products, coatings, varnishes and adhesives is quite low

different demand prospects in different regions

according to ceresana's prediction, this increases the stretching space (which can increase to more than 210 meters). The BRICs countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) will have the highest growth rate of demand for plasticizers. The demand for plasticizers in the United States has shown a downward trend in the past few years, but it may also increase in the next eight years. The demand in Western Europe basically stagnates, but the demand for phthalate free plasticizers will increase, which will also promote the Western European market

the market of phthalate free plasticizers will expand

consumers are increasingly concerned about health, and phthalates may be further banned in the future, which will promote the demand for phthalate free plasticizers and bio based plasticizers. Ceresana predicts that phthalate plasticizers, especially DEHP, will lose more market share. At present, most parts of Western Europe only produce phthalate free plasticizers, and even in China, DEHP has excess capacity. So far, DEHP has accounted for about 60% of the Asia Pacific market

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