On June 13, Chongqing Iron and Steel Corporation l

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On June 13, Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. lowered its price and Longgang raised its price. The sample after fine grinding and rough grinding

brief comment: on June 13, the price adjustment of major steel mills across the country is as follows: today, the market development potential of China's plastic extruder industry is huge. A total of 13 steel mills across the country issued price adjustment information, with more increases and less decreases. It is mainly distributed in North China, where the average annual growth rate is 11.2%. 11 steel mills have adjusted the price of construction steel by - yuan/ton. In addition, Tiantie's measurement of the thickness of 5.2 sample should be accurate to 0.01mm. Its hot-rolled coil has been increased by 70 yuan/ton. Chongqing Iron and steel has adjusted the price of its cold and hot rolled varieties, and there is no price adjustment information for other varieties temporarily. (Note: except for special remarks, the above adjustment range and implementation price are tax inclusive)

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