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XCMG road specialty focuses on "big country heavy equipment" to lift the green revolution

XCMG road specialty focuses on "big country heavy equipment" to lift the green revolution

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Guide: the wind of Xiangjiang River can't stop enthusiastic customers with the drizzle in April. On April 12, they rushed to Changsha from Fenghuang, Huaihua, Zhuzhou and other cities in Hunan Province, and went to the appointment of Xiangjiang River, the green pioneer of XCMG big country heavy equipment, to get together in juzizhoutou, See XCMG's latest subgrade leveling and compaction, road

the wind of Xiangjiang River and the drizzle in April can't stop enthusiastic customers. On April 12, they rushed to Changsha from Fenghuang, Huaihua, Zhuzhou and other cities in Hunan Province. They went to XCMG's "green pioneer of heavy equipment in a big country" Xiangjiang River, and gathered in juzizhoutou to see the latest three series of equipment launched by XCMG Road, including subgrade leveling and compaction, pavement laying and compaction, and complete pavement maintenance

XCMG road machinery division 2014 "advanced, reliable, energy-saving and efficient" complete sets of new products, after making innovative breakthroughs in energy-saving technology, aimed at the forefront of the market and launched the ninth station press conference for Hunan users. The Changsha station was jointly held by XCMG road and Changsha baihejia machinery, the largest local distributor of XCMG. Meng Wen, deputy general manager of XCMG road machinery division, and Xiao Wenyu, general manager of Changsha baihejia, attended the press conference, with 120 customers

In his speech, Meng Wen said that in 2013, XCMG road bucked the trend to achieve double-digit growth in its annual main revenue, ranked among the top five global road machinery, and continued to rank first in the domestic industry. 2014 will be an important year for XCMG road to comprehensively transform and upgrade, speed up and span. As a leading enterprise in the industry, under the situation that environmental protection issues are widely concerned and "green development" has become the theme of social development, energy conservation and emission reduction has become XCMG's strategic choice to improve the core competitiveness of products, and it is also a concrete embodiment of XCMG's core values of "taking a big responsibility, walking a broad road and achieving great things". XCMG has strengthened the research and development of core technologies, saved resources, protected the environment, and put the concept of green environmental protection into product design and product realization, so as to contribute to the sustainable development of society

Meng Wen, deputy general manager of XCMG road machinery division, made a speech.

Meng Wen said that under the guidance of XCMG group's strategic objectives, he continued to strive compared with other thermal insulation materials for the goal of "taking the lead in internationalization, taking the lead in world-class, and ensuring more than 10 billion", Make continuous efforts to realize the vision of "a solver of road construction scheme, a provider of complete road construction equipment, an assistant of road construction management, and a supplement of mining equipment as soon as possible, and become a world-class enterprise with great international competitiveness and respected by the world"

at the press conference, customers from all over the world were attracted by XCMG's road machinery and equipment demonstrated on the big screen, and took photos one after another, while some directly held the video for fear of missing any details. In the product exhibition area, XCMG engineers were surrounded by enthusiastic customers and patiently answered their questions

innovative service mode wins the market

according to baihejia xiaowenji, the new product promotion conference is expected to have a turnover of nearly 20million. Xiao Wenji said that it is not easy to achieve such a result under such a difficult competition pattern. First of all, it is due to baihejia's sales team locking high-quality customers in advance, so that the quality of customers invited at this promotion conference is higher than that of previous years. Secondly, we should thank XCMG road for its strong support in policy. At the same time, baihejia has innovated its sales concept and won the initiative in the fierce market competition through joint venture, replacement and the whole life cycle

the director of Changsha Marketing Center of XCMG road machinery division made a commitment to users

Xiao Wenyu believed that this promotion meeting was held in a very timely manner. After a long rainy and off-season, the market is about to enter the peak sales season, "The quality and quantity of customers who came to the scene today exceeded our expectations, which will undoubtedly boost our sales and lock in in advance, so that we can introduce the advantages and characteristics of XCMG products to them more closely, and the effect is much higher than the previous simple explanation."

Xiao Wenyu, general manager of Changsha baihejia, delivered a speech

Zhang Jian, deputy general manager of Hunan Jietong Pavement Engineering Co., Ltd., said that he was very encouraged to invite professionals from Jinan Kesheng experimental machine manufacturer to carry out inspection. He was very happy to join hands with XCMG road and baihejia machinery to cooperate and grow together, And ensure that XCMG products with excellent performance and high-quality construction services will serve our customers in the future

Zhang Jian, deputy general manager of Hunan Jietong Pavement Engineering Co., Ltd. delivered a speech

Jin Jianjun, general manager of Changsha Hongen mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., spoke highly of the high reliability and stability of XCMG's road mechanical equipment, and praised XCMG's excellent sales and service team in Hunan. The butler service provided by XCMG ensured the efficient and reliable operation of the equipment, and truly assured customers

Jin Jianjun, general manager of Changsha Hongen mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., delivered a speech

professional and dedicated to achieving green and efficient products

Meng Wen, deputy general manager of XCMG road machinery division, believes that for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulator, XCMG road can lead the industry all the way, which can be attributed to the following points: first, XCMG is an enterprise with a long history, with a deep foundation and experience accumulation, Employees' skills and understanding of products are very high. Secondly, Xu workers specialize in the industry and strive to become a solver of construction schemes, a provider of complete sets of equipment and a helper of construction management. Thirdly, the specialty focuses on production, manufacturing and service, pays attention to the investment of equipment and plants, and ensures the stability of product quality. XCMG has a professional sales team. They should not only master the knowledge of product performance, but also the relevant knowledge of construction technology. In particular, a construction technology research institute is set up to provide customers with road construction scheme consulting services. XCMG is not only limited to selling equipment, but also provides customers with construction plans, and can also provide customers with customized equipment according to specific construction conditions. "I think the future development of the industry will be the transformation from manufacturing to service industry." Meng Zong said so

provide various solutions to customers' needs. Taking customers as the center, being professional and dedicated, and providing customers with the products they really need is the constant pursuit of XCMG road. At the same time, a negative enterprise should be responsible not only for customers, partners, itself, but also for the society. XCMG road will continue to strengthen the research and development of core technologies, save resources, protect the environment, put the concept of green and environmental protection into product design and product realization, and actively develop and manufacture energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. The complete set of pavement construction and maintenance equipment launched by XCMG road this time is such a product, which has significant advantages in energy conservation and noise reduction

XCMG RP3 series pavers are equipped with super strong material distribution transmission device and super large material bucket. The maximum paving thickness is 400mm, making the construction efficiency more than 30% higher than that of similar products in the industry. Optimize the transmission system, effectively reduce fuel consumption and noise, and save up to 30L per day

compared with the old models, XCMG 3 Series rollers have reduced the comprehensive fuel consumption by 17.8%, reduced the noise by 3.2 dB, compacted the same number of times, increased the compactness by 3.2% at most, and increased the operation efficiency by 8.43%

the compaction efficiency of XCMG XD "3" series double steel wheel roller in the upper layer of asphalt is 46% higher than that of ordinary products. The product adopts 67hz high-frequency vibration system, and the operation efficiency is almost twice as high; XCMG D series graders have innovated a number of industry-leading high-efficiency energy-saving technologies, making the energy-saving effect of the whole machine very significant

XCMG K series road milling machine optimizes the structural parameters of the rotor of the milling machine. The milling drum adopts belt transmission technology and the walking adopts all wheel drive technology, realizing the fast and efficient milling operation

xm200e milling machine is known as the "king of cost performance" in the industry. The cement roughening ability is outstanding, with a daily output of more than 10000 square meters. The ability of large milling depth is also excellent, with a theoretical milling depth of 300mm and a maximum theoretical conveying capacity of 330m3/h

XCMG pavement maintenance machinery is a new sector developed by XCMG. At present, four series of products have been formed, including micro surfacing construction equipment, intelligent asphalt distributor, asphalt pavement maintenance vehicle and synchronous gravel seal truck

xtf120 synchronous gravel seal truck is mainly applicable to the construction operations of asphalt pavement preventive seal and bonding layer, bridge deck waterproof layer, new pavement lower seal, etc

XCMG Xap series asphalt mixing station covers the green, intelligent, advanced and reliable technical advantages. The domestic first warm mix foam asphalt production equipment has been used in highways and municipal projects for many times. The application of this technology can reduce harmful gas emissions by about 40%, save fuel costs by about 30%, produce 100000 tons of asphalt finished materials, and save fuel costs by about 1.15 million yuan

Mr. Meng believes that road machinery will inevitably transform from traditional manufacturing industry to service industry. XCMG road provides customers with a complete set of solutions to make customers feel more at ease when dealing with XCMG. Be anxious about what customers want and what customers need

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