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As we all know, industry is the foundation of a modern country, while the equipment manufacturing industry and sufficient room space are important areas of industry, and the construction machinery industry is an important branch of equipment manufacturing. After years of rapid development, China's construction machinery industry has leapt to the largest construction machinery market in the world, and the scientific and technological content of some mechanical equipment has reached the international leading level. It is true that China's construction machinery industry has achieved good results, but we cannot avoid that the production level of parts and components supporting construction machinery in China is not very high, and in the field of key parts and components, we are still subject to foreign technical blockade

therefore, we need to sort out the development status of China's construction machinery accessories again, and put forward constructive improvement suggestions for the existing problems, which plays a positive role in boosting the development of the whole accessories industry, and at the same time, it will fundamentally improve the quality of China's construction machinery products

development status of construction machinery accessories market

since the "12th Five Year Plan", China's equipment manufacturing industry, especially the construction machinery industry, has developed by leaps and bounds, the industrial system has been continuously improved and perfected, the ability of technological innovation has been significantly enhanced, and its international status and influence have been significantly improved; At the same time, the strength of Chinese enterprises has also continued to improve. At present, China has become a real equipment manufacturing power in the world. Su Zimeng, Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said that the construction machinery industry is a sunrise industry in China. The production concentration and access difficulty of this industry are relatively large. In the future, the construction machinery market needs to develop towards high-end and intelligent direction, and the operation of the industry will become more and more standardized. Construction machinery enterprises should pursue endogenous growth and innovative development, and meet the opportunities and challenges of the future market with an international perspective. It is predicted that in 2015, the international demand for host products will reach US $210billion, and the export of China's construction machinery products will reach US $26billion, making China a major exporter in the world in the next few years

we are delighted with the vigorous development of the construction machinery industry. Although the development of the supporting parts industry closely related to the main engine has also made some achievements, the development level of the overall supporting parts industry is not very high, especially the key technologies of key parts such as hydraulic parts, transmission parts, control parts, engines, etc. are still controlled by foreign enterprises. Therefore, due to these factors, the quality of China's construction machinery products cannot be compared with products with world leading technology, such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr, Volvo Construction equipment, etc

take the power components of construction machinery as an example. The power performance of machinery is one of the most important indicators to measure the technical level of products after you have a detailed understanding of these materials. It includes the power performance of diesel engine itself and the comprehensive performance of the whole power transmission system. In addition to the common technologies of continuously improving the fuel injection system and reducing fuel consumption and low carbon emissions, engineering machinery engines have specific requirements for torque reserve and power output mode, performance matching, vibration and noise at low speed. At present, the supporting engines of China's construction machinery products include Weichai, Shangchai, Cummins, DEUTZ, platinum, Isuzu, Yangma, etc. High end products, export equipment, large tonnage equipment and excavators almost all rely on foreign brands

in the field of transmission components of construction machinery, at present, the research and development level and means of transmission components of construction machinery in China are about 30 years behind the international advanced level. There are few domestic enterprises that can bear the closed test means of working condition load spectrum loading, and the accuracy and performance of transmission gears are also far behind the international advanced level

these problems mentioned above also exist in the absolutely key component of construction machinery - hydraulic parts. There is no doubt that hydraulic components are one of the key components of construction machinery products. It can not only reflect the operating efficiency, simplicity and comfort of the whole machine of construction machinery products, but also the main fault source of the whole machine. For a long time, in terms of high-pressure and large flow hydraulic devices, the products of domestic parts enterprises are still difficult to meet the supporting requirements of host enterprises, which makes imported hydraulic parts the only choice, especially in excavator products. As a result, China's construction machinery, especially mining machinery, is subject to the product supply of foreign manufacturers in terms of key hydraulic parts

to sum up, while continuing to accelerate the development of the construction machinery industry, actively promoting the development of the construction machinery accessories industry plays an important role not only in improving the quality of China's construction machinery host products, but also in further improving the overall level of China's industry

the development of construction machinery accessories industry needs a breakthrough

as an important part of the construction machinery industry, the accessories industry has also made great progress with the rapid development of construction machinery, and has formed a certain scale. However, compared with the same industry in foreign developed countries, there is still a big gap, and it also has many disadvantages. How to break through the troubles brought by itself and the outside world is of great significance to the development of China's supporting parts and even the machinery industry

from the perspective of the overall development trend of the construction machinery industry, the backwardness of China's supporting parts industry is mainly concentrated on the core technology of key parts, such as engines, hydraulic components, transmission parts with 1 nanometer of 1 billion (10 (9) m), control parts, etc. The blockade of key technologies of these parts by foreign enterprises has become a key factor that seriously restricts the improvement of the quality of China's construction machinery products

in addition, there are still various problems in the development process of China's existing accessory enterprises. For example, the production of accessories is subject to the continuous increase of raw materials and transportation costs. At the same time, the manufacturers of complete construction machinery drive down the purchase price when purchasing the required accessories, which further leads to the survival pressure of accessories manufacturers. In order to set aside profits, they must not reduce costs in the production of accessories. The consequence of such a vicious cycle is that the quality of supporting parts can not be guaranteed ultimately. What's more, the use of inferior supporting parts will also lead to the production accidents of construction machinery and equipment. Therefore, the communication and dialogue between construction machinery manufacturers and accessory enterprises is very necessary

at the 2013 annual meeting of the construction machinery accessories industry held last year, Zheng Shanglong, chairman of the accessories Branch, said that the current development concept of "focusing on main engines and neglecting accessories" still restricts the rapid development of the accessories industry, which is reflected in the following: the lack of large enterprises that can support and drive the development and structural optimization and upgrading of the parts industry; Domestic accessory manufacturing enterprises have loose organizational structure and serious product assimilation; There is a lack of large enterprises and enterprise groups with independent intellectual property rights, prominent main businesses and strong core competitiveness. Among them, there are two major problems. One is the serious phenomenon of low-level repeated investment and construction of products. The second is that there are few varieties of high-end products with high technological added value, which can not meet the needs of host development, and the contradiction of product structural shortage still exists

in the face of these problems that hinder the development of the accessory industry, first of all, there is a need for communication and dialogue between machine manufacturers and accessory enterprises. Accessory enterprises should carry out planned and high-standard production according to the product needs of host enterprises, and actively look for the gap between the product requirements of host enterprises and foreign products of the same industry to tackle key problems

secondly, standardized operation of construction machinery accessories market is required. According to the investigation, it is found that China's construction machinery accessory enterprises do not pay enough attention to the market and do not provide accessory products to the circulation field and maintenance accessory Market in batches

thirdly, we should strengthen the introduction and cooperation of foreign advanced technology, learn from host enterprises, and aim at the international market for product export. At present, the state has issued incentive policies to encourage the export of products, and has given some preferential policies in terms of export credit and export tax rebate. The export price of construction machinery accessories is much higher than the domestic sales price, and it is very cheap for foreign buyers, which can be said to be a win-win thing

at the "2014 China Construction machinery accessories industry annual meeting" held in September this year, Li Hongbao, Secretary General of the excavation machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, pointed out on the problems existing in the development of China's construction machinery accessories industry that China's demographic dividend is gradually disappearing, labor costs are high, and low-cost and efficient working methods are urgently needed; At the same time, the development of construction machinery, the development of products to the fine field and the continuous expansion of functions are all environmental factors that promote the development of the furniture industry. The main engine factory regards the realization of multi-function as an important part of product development; Professional accessory factories combine reality, constantly innovate and develop new products; The main engine factory actively adapts to the requirements of new accessories and improves the design and configuration; The active promotion and application of retailers and end customers have become an important factor in the development of the market. The benign interaction of host, accessories and market, mutual cooperation and mutual improvement, can jointly promote the progress of the industry

future development trend of construction machinery accessories industry

it is true that since the beginning of the 12th Five Year Plan, the construction machinery industry has shown a slow growth rate and restricted production and sales due to many factors. This has had a certain negative impact on the accessory industry, which is still in the transitional period of development. However, this is not the main tune of development and reform. For the whole construction machinery industry, although the growth has been slow in recent years, the whole industry has been developing upward. After years of development, the supporting parts industry, which is closely related to it, has made great achievements. Although there are some problems, with the continuous launch of national rail transit construction, large-scale water conservancy and hydropower projects, and urban reconstruction projects, these will provide favorable conditions for the development of construction machinery and its supporting parts

therefore, there are the following trends in the future development of construction machinery accessories. First, China's hydraulic components will achieve major breakthroughs. As before, Jiangsu Hengli high-pressure oil cylinder Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in breaking through the bottleneck of localization. Their high-pressure oil cylinders have fully realized the matching of brand main engines and are geared to the world. Driven by Hengli, it is believed that other hydraulic parts manufacturing enterprises will also usher in the climax of development, which is bound to reap new surprises

secondly, the host manufacturing enterprises are integrated upward. Due to their own development needs, the host manufacturing enterprises will intervene in the production of upstream accessories, especially key parts. Limited by their own strength and technology research and development ability, domestic parts manufacturers tend to establish stable and long-term cooperative relations with host enterprises

finally, the state will introduce a series of laws and regulations to promote the overall development of the construction machinery industry

with the improvement of the overall level of China's equipment manufacturing and the formation of supporting parts industry clusters, the quality of China's construction machinery accessories will be greatly improved. China is still the most important market for global construction machinery

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