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On the first anniversary of the successful opening of the China growth enterprise market, the author reviews the local automation enterprises that have embarked on the road of capital for several years, and believes that using capital operation to promote technological breakthroughs, promote market expansion, and build the core competitiveness of enterprises will be a major trend in the future. With the help of domestic advantages, local automation enterprises realize enterprise upgrading and technological breakthrough through listing, which is another effective means to compete with international brands

the first anniversary of the successful opening of the China growth enterprise market

the groundbreaking of the Fengyun new materials technology city, "the introduction of the opinions of the" special talent zone ", and the establishment of a 1billion yuan special fund for industrial development stirred up the first anniversary of the establishment of the China growth enterprise market, opening up a Xintiandi. Since its opening in 2009, gem has provided a broader platform for equity financing and capital flow of domestic innovative high growth enterprises, and also marks the gradual establishment of a multi-level capital market including the main board, the small and medium-sized board, the gem and the third board

on October 29, the gem expert advisory committee was established on the occasion of the first anniversary. At the inaugural meeting, Shang Fulin, chairman of the CSRC, said that by the end of October, 120 high-tech enterprises were listed on the gem, accounting for 92%. Gem is clearly positioned to support strategic emerging industries such as new energy and new materials

it is not difficult for us to see that small and medium-sized enterprises, especially companies with outstanding growth or strong technological innovation, such as enterprises in the fields of new energy, new materials, biomedicine, electronic information, environmental protection and energy conservation, modern services, as well as enterprises with strong innovation in technology and business model, high industry ranking and high market share, are more likely to obtain opportunities

listing is not only a way for high-tech enterprises to finance. Whether it is listed on the second board market or the main board market, it will bring opportunities for enterprises to develop. The listing of enterprises is conducive to promoting the efficiency of capital flow of the whole society, enabling enterprises to obtain sufficient development funds, improving the brand effect of enterprises and products, and enabling enterprises to achieve qualitative changes in development and quickly open the gap with competitors

under the current trend of increasingly fierce economic competition and close integration of industrial finance, the listing of enterprises is undoubtedly the best way to actively improve their business strength, expand their influence, make the scale of enterprises expand rapidly and significantly improve their economic benefits

the explosive force of automation intensive listing

the wave of gem listing has also attracted the attention of strategic investors of domestic automation enterprises. For a long time, the field of automation in China has been dominated by foreign brands such as abb, Ge, Siemens, Westinghouse and Schneider. Although local enterprises have sprung up, their technological innovation ability and high-end market performance are still not of the same magnitude. Compared with many foreign giants who are prone to hundreds of years old stores, capital is undoubtedly a huge bottleneck restricting many domestic powerful enterprises

local automation urgently needs more funds to enhance its core competitiveness and enter emerging markets. Listing and financing has naturally become an inevitable choice for industrial control enterprises to become bigger and stronger. In the past few years, some local automation enterprises have been listed one after another, which also shows the recognition of the capital market for automation enterprises

as a domestic high-tech enterprise famous for its professional production and operation of industrial process automation control instruments and systems, Shanghai Ziyi Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 24, 1994

in October 2003, the largest EIP manufacturing enterprise in China, Yanxiang intelligence, was successfully listed on the Hong Kong GEM

In August 2008, Hollysys was successfully listed on Nasdaq, becoming the first automation enterprise listed overseas in China's automation industry. Since then, the enterprise has entered the track of rapid development. After two years of growth, in October 2010, Hollysys ushered in a milestone in its development history The use of the frequency conversion series resonant withstand voltage experimental device is a major event. Hollysys group was established and the automation innovation base was put into operation

in January 2010, the long-standing local automation enterprises broke out, and automation manufacturers such as Jiuzhou electric, yingweiteng, Hekang frequency conversion, Chint electric, Zhiguang electric and so on were intensively listed, blocking the trading limit and issuing at a high premium

since then, we are glad to see that as a manufacturer in the traditional industrial automation field, it seems that it is sailing to the capital market. On March 31, 2010, Nanjing Keyuan Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in the R & D, production, sales and service of thermal automation and power plant information products, was listed on the small and medium-sized board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, realizing the myth of domestic industrial control manufacturers' listing and wealth creation

on July 28, 2010, Dalian Zhiyun automation equipment Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem, becoming the 43rd listed company of Dalian's first GEM listed company. At this time, Zhiyun is already a strategic cooperative supplier of automatic testing equipment and automatic assembly equipment for auto engine manufacturers such as general motors, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Peugeot Citroen, DEUTZ, Mitsubishi, etc

capital operation to build core competitiveness

through the above listed enterprises, it is not difficult for us to see that through the public rapid temperature change experimental box, the temperature range is - 55 ~ + 80 ℃ to develop stocks. Enterprises can not only use the securities market to quickly raise funds in the short term, which is conducive to the rapid expansion of enterprise scale, but also refinance through allotment, additional issuance, convertible bonds and other channels after listing, To get more financing opportunities

at the same time, enterprises can take advantage of the opportunity of listing to regulate themselves from the system, establish a modern enterprise system, improve themselves from the aspects of management, technological innovation, corporate culture and so on, so as to form a core competitiveness with its own characteristics, and then realize a qualitative leap in the development process of enterprises; Shaping the brand image is conducive to maintaining the leading position in the industry

fortune and misfortune depend on opportunities and risks. The risk of listing cannot be underestimated. Even enterprises that have successfully listed and tasted the sweetness do not forget their basic technological innovation and R & D. Automation enterprises have the commonalities of general enterprises, but more are differences, that is, they have advanced ideas and serve industry and equipment manufacturing industry. Therefore, technology is the root of their survival. The competition of brand and core power comes from the competition of technology

from the perspective of listed enterprises, almost all of them are raising project R & D funds, using a large amount of funds for R & D and technological breakthroughs, or expanding industry applications. For example, after listing, Yanxiang will continue to strengthen its R & D strength to maintain its leading position in technology; On the other hand, it will expand its sales network, further increase its market share and consolidate its leading position in China's EIP market with the help of product processing establishment and market promotion activities. The funds raised by Nanjing Keyuan will be invested in the research and industrialization project of control system in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction, the integrated information system project of power plant management and control, and the centralized control project of auxiliary workshops in thermal power plants. This is what we are praiseworthy and happy to hear. (text/hard rock)

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