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Roadside economy "has generated more than 100 million income for farmers in Lushun

Guide: on September 12, the Guangming Hardware and electricity store, which was opened by farmer Zhang Guangming in sanjianbao Town, Lvshunkou District, with an investment of more than 50000 yuan beside National Highway 202, officially opened. In Lushun, farmers like zhangguangming who use roadside stores to do business have reached more than 7000 households. Conservatively, the roadside economy can generate 140million income for farmers

on September 12, farmer zhangguangming of sanjianbao Town, Lvshunkou District invested more than 50000 yuan to open the "Guangming Hardware and electricity store" next to national highway 202. In Lushun, there are more than 7000 farmers who use roadside stores to do business, such as Zhang Guangming. Conservatively, the "roadside economy" can generate 140million yuan for farmers and transfer 20000 rural labor forces

in recent years, with the widening and reconstruction of Lushun North South Road, the main road branches along the two roads and in the region and the main traffic arteries of towns and streets have become a golden area for the development of "roadside economy". Some commercial equipment is made of high-quality materials, which are snapped up by farmers, and the secondary and tertiary industries are rising rapidly. The departments of industry and commerce, environmental protection, health, taxation and land in the district actively support farmers' businesses, and implement the "five handling" working method, that is, do urgent things immediately, do what you can do immediately, do your own things carefully, and do extra things. This verification method is also clearly stipulated in the coaxiality verification in the regulation of electronic universal experimental machine, and do your best to do difficult things to solve farmers' problems, Thus, the situation of "suddenly like the spring breeze overnight, hundreds of thousands of households opened their stores" was promoted. Meng Zhaoming, a villager of Tuchengzi village in sanjianbao Town, invested 17million yuan to build the highest grade, largest area and most comprehensive Yuanfeng hotel in rural areas of Lushun, which only arranged more than 200 laid-off workers and farmers

now, as soon as you enter Lvshunkou District, hotels, shops, dry cleaners, barbers, clothing stores, repair shops, photo agencies, feed stations and other newly decorated hotels, hotels, shops, dry cleaners, barbers, clothing stores, repair shops, and so on will come to you, becoming a beautiful scenic spot on both sides of the road. The "roadside economy" has not only brought considerable economic benefits to farmers, but also opened up a new way for farmers to re obtain employment and transfer rural surplus labor

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