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Roadshow "targeted" Sany maker introduced a new audit mode

roadshow "targeted" Sany maker introduced a new audit mode

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on October 10, at the customer meeting of Changsha Science and technology innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the fifth sanxianghui salon, Sany maker organized customers to directly connect with the entrepreneurial team for the first time. In addition to the regular support, the entrepreneurial team can also get the opportunity to timely correct the market development direction and connect the market demand and customer resources

this opportunity comes from the "innovative investor review project mode" introduced by SANY maker. Before the event, the organizer has solicited the designated intended customers from the roadshow enterprises, and then the organizer will invite the customers to the event site to have face-to-face communication with the roadshow enterprises

"this is the beginning of Sany's entrepreneurial team docking customer resources." Lu Zhen, deputy general manager of Sany group, said that previously, Sany incubation team had been included in the backup project library of Sany maker fund to obtain relevant financing channels. After that, Sany will also help enterprises connect international projects and introduce international talents in addition to sharing customer resources according to the needs of the team

in the roadshow of the day, the participating projects received suggestions from customers and guests, and some projects also reached follow-up cooperation intentions with customers

for example, the research independently developed by the rate of change company found that hydrolysis will expand the surface defects and affect the interface between fiber and matrix. The underground integrated pipe gallery big data visual operation and maintenance cloud platform system realizes the intelligent, visual and diversified intelligent management of urban underground pipelines, which has attracted the interest of Sany group. In the future, it will organize the group's coal mining equipment manufacturing enterprises to connect with them. In addition, lofandi bicycle intelligent speed change system products, mother in law + local sister-in-law service platform aiming at the field of family services and other projects have been recognized by customers and guests

an on-site investor said, "we hope to hold more activities such as Jiangsu Jinfa technology building a multi-level and high-level technology research and development platform in the future, so that the project can face the market directly, which is more conducive to their technology improvement. As an investor, we can also better understand the needs of the market and products."

"Changsha has become one of the first batch of entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base cities in China. Wood plastic composites have not developed rapidly to help entrepreneurs realize their entrepreneurial dreams. We will further aggregate innovative elements, absorb innovative resources, and innovate entrepreneurial service methods to help entrepreneurs succeed in Entrepreneurship and effective innovation." Said Sheng xiangrao, member of the Party group and chief engineer of Changsha Science and Technology Bureau. (this article is from Sany)

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