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Road marking paint has gradually become a new pollution source

road marking paint has gradually become a new pollution source in the inner cylinder of washing machines made of light-weight materials

March 28, 2005

on March 24, 2005, Miss Cheng complained to the environmental protection department: many repair garages have gathered on the Yangtze River cross road in Wuhan. When spraying paint on cars, the door of the store is often wide open, and the paint mist floats on the sidewalk, causing people to "flee". According to statistics, the environmental protection department has received an increasing number of similar complaints, and the painting of non-standard repair garages has gradually become a new urban flame retardant V0 pollution source

on the afternoon of the 24th, I saw on the right side of Changjiang cross road that there were nearly 20 repair garages on the road less than 300 meters long. Several "taxis" to be repaired with putty stopped on the sidewalk with problems such as low industry concentration. Workers were holding spray guns to spray paint on the body, and they could smell the pungent odor three or five meters away

"paint pollution is very serious." Cui Huichun, a senior engineer of Wuhan Environmental Monitoring Center Station, said that in addition to the bad smell, the paint also contains a variety of harmful ingredients such as benzene and phenol. After inhaling paint mist, the human body may suffer from dizziness and nausea, respiratory tract damage, and even cancer and leukemia

the "12369" environmental protection complaint staff of Wuhan Environmental Protection Bureau said: "paint pollution management is relatively complex", involving environmental protection, industry and commerce, urban management and other departments. Painting on the sidewalk in the garage belongs to the road occupation operation, which should be handled by the urban management department; The paint smell in the store should be banned by the industrial and commercial department if it is operated without a license, and the environmental protection department should order it to rectify if it is operated with a license

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