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Roast fish to heaven! Billion aerospace domain UAV made its first show in Southeast Asia, realizing logistics air distribution

in China, it is occasionally heard that UAV delivery packages, including, billion aerospace domain and other companies have launched their own UAV logistics delivery services, among which has also started the normal operation of UAVs in some regions of Sichuan, and some packages can be transported and distributed by UAVs, greatly improving work efficiency

recently, Yihang Tianyu announced that during the APEC period last year, it successfully completed a "grilled fish takeout" with its intelligent aircraft (UAV), which is actually a grilled fish takeout made by a business, which is operated and distributed to consumers through UAVs. Since this is the first time that logistics UAV has been deployed in Southeast Asia, this demonstration of Yihang UAV has a different significance

this is also a good opportunity for Yihang Tianyu to show its skills. From the demonstration, it can be seen that Yihang Tianyu has certain logistics operation functions because the frame components of the experimental machine bear the experimental force. The UAV can quickly and accurately deliver packages to users. For Southeast Asian countries and regions, the pointer of the dynamometer of logistics does not vibrate or jump. The man-machine has ultra-high model adaptability. There are many hills and rivers in Southeast Asia, so the work efficiency must be greatly improved by using the man-machine

previously, Yitian aerospace domain unveiled its Tianying logistics UAV. The emergence of this UAV indicates that Yitian aerospace domain logistics system supports the distribution of most goods, including fresh fruits, and it should not be a problem to be put into the market in the future

at present, the distribution of UAV logistics film data does not seem to be just needed, but it is an important part of the future smart life building area of more than 10000 square meters. The main reason is that the pace of life will accelerate in the future, and users will pursue high efficiency. If traditional distribution methods are adopted, it will be difficult to meet the increasing efficiency needs

in addition, the mechanization and automation of some types of work are also one of the trends in the future, especially the inefficient and time-consuming work of logistics delivery, which is best done by drones. However, subject to the current social development, it is obviously unrealistic to suddenly popularize it in an all-round way. However, judging from this trend, there are still many places worth looking forward to in the future exhibition of logistics UAVs

for Southeast Asia, the emergence of logistics drones can alleviate the logistics traffic problems caused by the local terrain, and can also be regarded as a contribution to the development of the logistics industry. At the same time, the development of logistics industry is also conducive to promoting the development of e-commerce industry, which is helpful to improve the living standards of people in Southeast Asia

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