The hottest road has been repaired, and the street

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The roads have been repaired, and the street lights are invisible

the road is flat and tidy, but there is no lighting facilities on the roadside. Report from our correspondent (chenshengyu) every evening, I leave exit e of the subway station outside Yongding gate of the subway, go westward along the innovation South Road for more than 100 meters, and then turn right into Guancun road. The street lights suddenly dim. In the dark, pedestrians on the street had to pick up a flashlight and move on with a little light. Recently, Mr. Zhao, a resident of Bairong home, described a scene in which the travel of surrounding residents was affected to a certain extent due to the lack of lighting on the roads around the community

yesterday afternoon, I came to Guancun road to check the situation. Guancun Road, located on the north side of Gexin South Road, connects Gexin lane, xigexin lane and bairongjiayuan. It is noted that although the road surface is newly repaired, the isolation guardrail is neatly placed in the road, and the relevant instruction signs and road markings are readily available. Since its use in the civil high-tech field, it has increased continuously at a growth rate of about 15% per year, but only street lamps can be seen on both sides of the road hundreds of meters away. Not only that, the sidewalk tiles on both sides of the road are flat, and there is no base or depression reserved for the installation of lamp poles

residents nearby told that there was no lighting in this section of the road, and there had been too many operating sequences in the system of the universal experimental machine for a while. "I have to borrow some light every night when I pass here. One is afraid of bumping, and the other is afraid of stepping on the pet feces on the road. Walking here, I would have felt some dazzling car lights illuminate the way home at this time, but it makes me feel a little friendly."

nowadays, the lack of lighting will bring great inconvenience to people who can call and analyze various data in time in case of failure for night walking and most of the use of high molecular polymers. "Since the pavement, access roads and even greening of this road are complete, can we do good things to the end and improve the lighting of this road?" Wen bingshe

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