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Analysis and Prospect of the current situation of packaging machinery industry (Part 2)

2 vacuum packaging machine 2.1 introduction to domestic lithium extraction enterprise products

vacuum packaging machine is to automatically seal the packaging bag immediately after it is pumped into a low vacuum. Due to the high vacuum degree in the bag, there is little residual air, which can inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms such as bacteria. For some soft items, the volume can be reduced after vacuum packaging. Thus, the packaged goods can achieve the characteristics of "four prevention, two provinces, and one quality guarantee", that is, gradual prevention, mildew prevention, pollution prevention, oxidation prevention, volume saving, freight saving, and extended storage period. Vacuum packaging machine is applicable to all kinds of plastic composite film bags or aluminum foil composite films. Here, it is only used as a bag for inspiration, such as polyester/polyethylene, nylon/polyethylene, polypropylene/polyethylene, polyester/aluminum foil/polyethylene, nylon/aluminum foil/polyethylene and other composite materials, as well as all kinds of raw and cooked food, fruit crystal, native products, medicinal materials, chemicals, precision instruments, clothing, hardware products, electronic components Military products and other solid, powdery objects, liquids, solid-liquid mixtures are vacuum packed

vacuum packaging machines are also large-scale mechanical products, which are widely used in light industry, food, medicine, chemical industry, military industry and other industries. At present, they are widely used in the packaging of domestic and export products

in the food industry, vacuum packaged food is very common. All kinds of cooked food products, such as roast chicken, pickled duck, sausage, pickled vegetables, bean products, preserved fruits and other foods that need to be kept fresh, are increasingly using vacuum packaging, which can greatly improve the preservation and shelf life of food. If the packaging quality is not good, or the vacuum degree does not meet the requirements, the food will deteriorate and rot. if consumers eat this kind of deteriorated food, they will be poisoned and endanger their health

in drugs, chemicals, precision instruments and military products, new packaging technologies have been continuously adopted recently, and the packaging process has been improved. The use of vacuum packaging equipment for packaging has increased year by year. The quality of vacuum packaging equipment directly affects the quality of final products in many related industries, and directly affects the interests and health of consumers

2.2 basic information of vacuum packaging machine manufacturers

at present, there are about 60 vacuum packaging machine manufacturers in China. From the situation reflected by users, there are still various problems in product quality. This time, 18 prototypes of vacuum packaging machines produced by 18 enterprises in Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province, the main production places of this kind of packaging machines, were randomly selected. The inspection results showed that 16 products of 16 enterprises were qualified, and the qualified rate was 88.9%

the inspected enterprises include collective, private, individual, joint-stock and wholly-owned enterprises. From the nature of the enterprise, one wholly-owned enterprise was selected, and all the products were qualified, with a qualification rate of 100%; There are 6 joint-stock enterprises, and all products are qualified through random inspection, with a qualification rate of 100%; There is one collective enterprise, and the qualified rate of the products sampled is 100%; There are 8 private enterprises, 7 products are qualified, and the qualification rate is 87.5%. There are 2 individual enterprises, and 1 product is qualified, and the qualification rate is 50%

enterprises producing vacuum packaging machines nationwide are mainly concentrated in Zhucheng, Shandong, Nantong, Jiangsu and Wenzhou, Zhejiang. There are more than 20 enterprises of different types in Zhucheng alone. Among them, there are hundreds of wholly-owned enterprises and small family workshops composed of several people. Some small enterprises have poor production conditions, backward technology and equipment, and do not have a strict grasp of production technology and quality inspection. In order to seek more benefits, they often adopt vicious means of competition. In order to reduce costs, they do not hesitate to cut corners and reduce prices, and use vacuum pumps and inferior materials with poor performance, which has a great impact on the products of formal production enterprises

2.3 comprehensive analysis and evaluation of inspection results

a total of 18 products from 18 production enterprises were randomly selected, and the products were all recently produced and qualified products. The inspection results showed that 16 products of 16 enterprises were qualified, and the qualified rate of product sampling was 88.9%

these 18 vacuum packaging machine manufacturing enterprises account for about 30% of the national vacuum packaging machine manufacturing enterprises, including 6 large-scale enterprises, accounting for 33.3% of the number of enterprises in the spot check, 7 medium-sized enterprises, accounting for 33.9% of the number of enterprises in the spot check, and small-scale enterprises are cut into 20mm times by wire cutting; 10mm times; There are 5 enterprises with 5mm rectangular sample, accounting for 27.8% of the number of enterprises sampled. The result of spot check shows that the qualified rate of products decreases with the reduction of enterprise scale. The products of 13 large and medium-sized enterprises are all qualified, and the sampling pass rate is 100%. Two of the products of five small enterprises are unqualified, and the sampling pass rate is 60%. We need to know in detail. This spot check gives consideration to collective, private, individual, joint-stock and wholly-owned enterprises, which basically reflects the current national quality level and industry quality status of vacuum packaging machine products

enterprises with good product quality in this spot check include Zhucheng Xiaokang food packaging machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Qingbo food packaging machinery Co., Ltd. and Shanghai People's packaging Co., Ltd

Zhucheng Xiaokang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise in Taiwan. It has passed the ISO 9000 quality system certification, adopted the management mode of foreign-funded enterprises, and has a complete and strict enterprise management system and quality assurance system. Each process is strictly controlled by quality inspectors, and the qualified rate of finished products has reached 100% year after year. The enterprise takes quality and after-sales service as its lifeblood and continues to eliminate: backward technology, pay attention to internal quality, and focus on the safety and convenience of operators. All its inspection items are qualified

Shanghai qingpa food packaging machinery Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized private enterprise, which developed and professionally manufactured vacuum packaging machines of various models and specifications in the early 1990s. The enterprise has a strict quality management system of design, production and inspection. Key parts and components are national standard products, and raw materials are strictly selected and warehoused after quality acceptance. Each product is subject to strict acceptance. Its products are good in performance, mark and appearance, and all its inspection items are qualified

Shanghai People's packaging Co., Ltd. was originally a large state-owned enterprise. In order to make the enterprise survive and develop in the fierce market competition, the enterprise withdrew from the state-owned sequence and successfully restructured, solving the problems of unclear property rights, lack of vitality and lack of competitiveness. Since the company first introduced vacuum packaging machines in China in 1982, its products have undergone several reforms and innovations. Now it has developed five series of products of various packaging machines and sterilization equipment, and has become a backbone enterprise in the production of packaging machines in China. In order to cope with the fierce competition in the market, in terms of product quality management, the product quality assessment system and inspection system have been formulated, which are strictly controlled and implemented at all levels from parts processing, outsourcing, outsourcing, assembly and machine inspection. Clear responsibilities, rights and interests, ensure that unqualified parts are not put into storage and unqualified products are not delivered, truly establish the concept that product quality is the life of the enterprise, and ensure that good products meet the needs of the market. The internal quality and appearance quality of its products are good, and all inspection items are qualified

the standards for this spot check are mainly GB/t9177-1988 general technical conditions for vacuum and vacuum inflatable packaging machines and JB safety requirements for packaging machinery. The key items of the above three products: vacuum chamber pressure increment and heat sealing strength are higher than the requirements of the standard. The standard requires that the pressure increment of the vacuum chamber shall not be greater than 1.07 kPa, and the three enterprises are 0.15kpa, 0.25kpa and 0.53kpa respectively. The heat sealing strength of the packaging bag refers to the tensile force that the 15 mm long sealing line can bear: generally, the composite bag is ≥ 5.9n, and the cooking bag is ≥ 22.6 n. The indicators of these three enterprises were 47.5 n, 48.2 N and 46.5 n respectively, several times higher than the standard requirements, ensuring the quality of packaged products

the unqualified items in the inspection mainly include: 1) the minimum absolute pressure of the vacuum chamber is unqualified. When the cover of the vacuum packaging machine is closed, the vacuum pump pumps air from the working chamber. When the vacuum pump reaches the limit, the pressure of the vacuum chamber is the lowest absolute pressure of the vacuum chamber, and the standard provisions shall not be greater than 1.3332 kPa. 2) The pressure increment of vacuum chamber is unqualified. Under the external standard atmospheric pressure, the initial pressure of the vacuum chamber is 1.3332kpa. After 1min leakage, the pressure increment shall not be greater than 1.07kpa. The pressure increment of one product vacuum chamber is 3.68kpa, which is far beyond the range required by the standard

according to the results of this spot check, the qualified rate of the spot check is 88.9%, and the conformity rate of push mark evaluation is 88.9%. Although the qualified rate is high, the information fed back by users shows that the qualified rate of market products is still lower than that of this spot check. In addition, the material requirements for key parts are not specified in the standard. Some enterprises cut corners and use too thin box plates. When vacuuming, the deformation of the box cover is too large. Usually, the box cover will break after half a year of use

in this sampling inspection, it is impossible to carry out long-term operation test on the machine according to the standard. It is suggested to modify the current standard and add the limit on the time of extreme vacuum degree, the limit on the deformation of box cover, and the requirements on the materials and processing technology of key parts to ensure the product quality

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