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Highway maintenance shows the style of glass fiber

energy saving, high efficiency, ecology and environmental protection. Since this year, Huzhou has used 10 "four new" technologies such as foam asphalt cold regeneration, rubber asphalt stress absorption layer and chopped basalt fiber concrete in highway large and medium-sized maintenance projects, reflecting the "low-carbon" effect in the concept of "scientific maintenance"

recently, at the site of the large and medium-sized maintenance project of Huyan line, the construction personnel used a fiber sealing machine to seal the layer while spreading asphalt binder and glass fiber, if conditions permit, A section chief surnamed Shen from the municipal highway department introduced: "The pavement after the fiber seal has the characteristics of high wear resistance, high water resistance and high stability, which can effectively inhibit the occurrence of pavement cracks, avoid the pavement damage caused by vehicle load, low temperature shrinkage, rainwater infiltration and other factors, and can greatly improve the service life of the pavement compared with traditional maintenance. At the same time, the fiber seal can synchronously complete the main construction processes, which greatly shortens the maintenance time of the pavement compared with other processes. General construction Traffic can be quickly restored after work. "

construction machinery is difficult to be called real environmental protection. The roar of packaging is reduced, there are fewer busy construction workers before and after running, the construction period is shortened, and the traffic congestion is gone. At the site of the large and medium-sized maintenance project of Changxing section of provincial highway 11, the milling car slowly moved forward on the closed half of the road, neatly planed the 10 cm thick asphalt pavement that had been damaged, and immediately converted the old material into foam asphalt recycled material, and the pavement that had been constructed could be opened to traffic immediately. Yan Qijin, a maintenance worker, said with a smile, "this new process not only recycles the old pavement materials and reduces resource waste, but also converts the semi-rigid pavement structure into a semi flexible structure, extending the service life of road asphalt."

this is also the problem we encountered in our development.

it is understood that Huzhou highway department took the lead in introducing the cold recycling technology of foam asphalt with a value of 10 million yuan in the province. Now it has formed mature construction experience, and the engineering volume has exceeded 700000 square meters, greatly reducing the carbon emissions generated in highway maintenance

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