The hottest road to the future of welding

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The road to the future of welding


steel is one of the most important materials in the construction industry. Most of the architectural design is based on a prefabricated steel structure skeleton. Since each design is more practical, representative and scientific, and the components are unique, typical metallurgical structures cannot be used. For engineers, a particular challenge is to require high-quality and efficient manufacturing and processing of metal building components in terms of durability, stiffness, forming and safety

welding process is the most well-known way to connect steel structures. Unfortunately, this is a work with extremely high labor intensity. In most cases, it must be completed manually. The obvious disadvantage of this method is that during the welding process, workers are not only exposed to ultraviolet and electromagnetic radiation, but also exposed to high temperature, dust and toxic gases

eliminating these difficult working conditions is the main goal of promotech, a famous welding system manufacturer. 5VA) the company has developed a new welding system based on the gate design. The benefits of this new solution for operators mainly come from high-performance, high-precision fully automated processes and minimal labor

improve productivity and quality

the new method also promotes the welding process of building beams. This machine can complete the welding of building components up to 16 meters and 2m x 2m segments. It can weld two symmetrical welds at the same time, which can greatly reduce the risk of thermal deformation. Each welding gun is controlled separately

due to the existence of guidance sensors, the system can operate with high accuracy. The state can be controlled in real time, and the weld can be accurately positioned at the specified position. The use of baccalais servo driver ensures high precision and dynamic motion

this machine can weld two symmetrical welds on a 16 meter long building component at the same time. The state can be controlled in real time, and the weld can be accurately positioned at the specified position

due to the existence of mobile operation stations, operators can maintain a safe distance to control the machine

"due to the use of the system of promotech company, the production time has been shortened to nearly one fifth of the original. This set of equipment has completed the work equivalent to six workers", P. charkiewic industry experts believe that Z said, he is the production manager of mostostal company in Bialystok, At the same time, he is also a very satisfied customer of promotech

easy to operate

the operator enters the process parameters, positions the welding gun, and presses the start button. Then, the equipment starts to control the processing program independently. Users can readjust the position of the welding gun through the mobile control panel provided by baccalais. The system has the ability of remote control, so that the working conditions have been significantly improved

by using high-quality begalay components in the control system, the machine can overcome adverse conditions and achieve 100% reliability. Discontinuities in the welding process will weaken the weld, which will bring side effects to the beam members. The welding current is up to 400A, and the maximum power is up to 15kw. These types of currents are the main source of electromagnetic interference. In such a harsh environment, the system must be completely anti electromagnetic interference to maintain accurate operation until 2018. In addition, the operating unit must increase its resistance to dust and toxic gases. Even if the control system is placed directly next to the welding arc, the power panel of baccalais is very durable under these conditions. Although the environmental conditions are difficult, the system can still operate undisturbed at any time and ensure high-quality welding

promotech Company Profile:

time of establishment: 1987

number of employees: 300

Company Address: Poland, Germany, Britain, Belarus, the United States, Australia

Products & Services: research and development and production of professional welding systems


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