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Editor's note: in recent years, looking at the whole construction machinery industry, the construction crane industry has been in a downturn. Of course, there are macroeconomic reasons, but the stagnation of market and technological development is also beyond doubt. Under the same general environment, the market of small industries such as loaders, excavators, road rollers and graders has performed well in a few years, and they have been popular respectively. However, the engineering crane industry has a feeling of "feeling" frustrated and has been at a low ebb. The famous "four families" in the engineering crane industry seem to be gradually fading away from people's impression, and the scene of prosperity in the past no longer exists. Fortunately, in the first half of 2000, the production and sales of each company improved slightly, which made everyone see a glimmer of vitality. This magazine specially invited four chief engineers from the "four families" in the industry to analyze the status and prospects of the industry in recent years from different perspectives such as macro-economy, technology and market, with a view to attracting the common attention and discussion of the whole industry, and providing strategies for the industry to continue to maintain the current steady recovery trend. Especially in the face of the rare historical opportunity of the western development, how to seize this opportunity to revitalize the construction crane industry will be the joint goal of the industry

Luo Yanling

the engineering crane, chief engineer of Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Plant of XCMG group, has the advantages of flexibility, rapid transfer to the construction site, and can be put into operation as soon as it arrives at the site. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses, plays the role of Hercules everywhere, and plays an important role in the national economic construction. However, in recent years, the engineering crane industry has been going downhill, hovering in the trough, many enterprises are in trouble, and the "four families" of the crane industry are slowly differentiating, which has opened the distance, and the role of market competition has emerged. Looking back on the situation of the engineering crane industry in previous years, it can be said that the market capacity is small, there are many production enterprises, low-level, low price, unable to get out, unable to enter, closed and conservative, dead. Fortunately, since the second half of 1999, the market has rebounded, and the production and sales of each company have improved, giving everyone a glimmer of vitality

I. Analysis of market conditions in previous years

the sales volume of the engineering crane market reached more than 5700 units in 1993 and began to decline in 1994. In 1999, 2650 units were sold. Over five years, the market shrank by 55%, and almost all enterprises in the industry were in trouble. Since 1994, the state has implemented the macro-control policy, the growth rate of the national economy has decreased, the scale of the entire construction machinery industry is shrinking, and the construction crane industry is declining. This is expected, but the magnitude of the decline is beyond people's expectation. 3. The main technical parameters of carton detection equipment: (can be customized according to customer requirements). In recent years, the state has implemented an active fiscal policy to expand the scale of infrastructure investment and stimulate consumption. The construction machinery industry has rebounded. Small industries such as road rollers, graders, excavators and so on have been booming, but the construction cranes have not started. Why is this? I think it can be explained through the following points:

1. The market of Engineering cranes is related to the national macroeconomic situation, and the scale of infrastructure investment until the stress on the working section tends to be uniform There is no obvious direct relationship between the operation object of the engineering crane is "lifting heavy objects", and "lifting heavy objects" is not the main task in the project construction. What is needed in road construction, water conservancy projects, etc. are concrete machinery, roller, grader, paver, excavator and other construction machinery, and although the engineering crane is also used, it is not the main force. In civil buildings, although lifting heavy objects is the main task, this task is completed by tower cranes. In all kinds of engineering construction, engineering cranes are not the main construction machinery. Therefore, it is understandable that the expansion of infrastructure investment and the start of key projects have no obvious pulling effect on engineering cranes. Engineering cranes have a wide range of workplaces and scattered households, and their market is related to the national macroeconomic situation. In the sales statistics of Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Plant from 1994 to 1998, the order of users is as follows: general industry, industrial and mining industry, transportation market, construction and installation, transportation industry, power transmission and transformation engineering, iron and steel industry, coal geology, hydropower engineering, railway engineering, chemical industry, petroleum. It can be seen from the above dozen categories of users that the users of Engineering cranes are very scattered, and the general industries and industrial and mining industries that rank first are scattered in various fields. This shows that the engineering crane is related to the macroeconomic situation, material flow, transportation volume, capital construction and national economic prosperity. The national macro-economy has been regulated since 1994, and the economic benefits of many industries have declined. Since 1998, the state has implemented an active fiscal policy to expand the establishment of capital and stimulate consumption. It has proposed to take three years to basically extricate large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises from difficulties. The macroeconomic situation gradually improved, and the GDP growth rate of the national economy reached 8.1% in the first half of 2000. The construction crane market began to decline in 1994 and began to recover in the second half of 1999. There was a large increase in the first half of 2000. The market situation of construction cranes rebounded with the improvement of the national macroeconomic situation

2. The market capacity is small, the product life is long, the market is easy to be saturated, and the competition is fierce. The engineering crane (here mainly refers to the wheel type and automobile type) is mobile, flexible, and has a large operating radius. Its leasing business is active. Many users who do non recurring operations use leasing instead of purchasing. And very fixed workplaces, such as building construction sites, have been replaced by tower cranes. This determines that the engineering crane industry is a small industry. At present, the domestic market is only more than one billion yuan, and the international market is about seven or eight billion dollars. Caterpillar and Komatsu, the two most famous construction machinery manufacturers in the world, do not produce cranes. Generally, engineering cranes are carried out carefully during operation, and the impact and wear on the machine during operation are not serious. Therefore, the service life of Engineering cranes is long, generally about 10 years. Due to its long service life, the crane market is easy to be saturated. The market peaked in 1993 and began to recover in 1994. In addition to macroeconomic changes, market saturation is also a very important factor. The market rebound at the end of 1999 and the first half of 2000 is also related to the gradual scrapping and renewal of cranes that entered the market before 1993. In 1999, the sales volume of Engineering cranes was only more than 2650, while there were as many as 18 production enterprises. The production capacity of the original "four families" was far greater than the market capacity. Due to the shrinking market, excess production capacity and fierce competition, most enterprises are in trouble. When the market improves, it is difficult for enterprises with difficulties to expand production scale, and the new market share is occupied by powerful enterprises. The market correction since 199120 ° 4 has redistributed the market share of various enterprises. The scale of small enterprises is close to the original large enterprises, and the gap between large enterprises is also widening. The phenomenon that "four families" keep pace no longer exists. In 1999, according to the order of sales revenue, Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Factory was the first, and the sales revenue was 1.3 times that of the second; The statistical data from January to June 2000 showed that the sales revenue of Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Factory reached 220million yuan, and only 105million yuan ranked second, with a difference of more than twice (the figures in 1999 came from the statistics of the Construction Machinery Association, and the figures in the first half of 2000 came from the traffic data of various enterprises). The sales revenue of Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Factory in 1999 increased by 34.9% over 1998, and the first half of 2000 increased by 51.5% over the same period in 1999. The rapid growth of Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Plant in recent years has benefited from three points:

(1) strong technological development and technological innovation capabilities. During the decline of the truck crane market, crawler cranes, truck mounted cranes and aerial fire trucks from 35t to 150t were developed. The growth of new products made up for the decline of old products (fire engines are not included in the sales revenue). In terms of truck cranes, continuous improvement and improvement have been made, and the technical performance has been further improved. A new generation of updated products will soon be put on the market

(2) implement famous brand strategy and high-quality product strategy. Strengthen quality control, improve product reliability, and improve the positioning of XCMG "Haihong" brand truck crane in the market

(3) take advantage of the group's advantages. When the crane market shrank and Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Plant was in a difficult period, XCMG group gave full support in internal supporting facilities, capital coordination, market planning, joint development and other aspects, so that the heavy machinery plant preserved its strength, stabilized its team, and its production and operation were always going on, which fully reflected the overall advantages of XCMG group. Due to the overall advantages of XCMG group, the heavy machinery factory has the energy and ability to pay attention to internal management in difficult times, implement the purchase and sale price comparison management, reduce expenses and reduce costs; When the price of truck cranes drops and some enterprises are difficult to maintain, Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Factory can still maintain a certain marginal contribution; When the market improves, Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Factory can rapidly expand its production scale and occupy the market

3. Low level, low price, unable to get out and in

China's engineering cranes are mainly truck cranes, all terrain cranes and rubber tyred cranes are almost zero, and the varieties and specifications of crawler cranes are few. The overall technical level of truck cranes is far behind that of all terrain cranes that have been put into the market in Europe and the United States more than a decade ago. The gap between China's engineering cranes and all terrain cranes in Europe and the United States is at least 20 years. Truck crane is a kind of construction machinery and special vehicle, and its technical complexity is very high in construction machinery. But for a long time, the price of truck crane is at a very low level, which is obviously unreasonable compared with other construction machinery. Taking the 16t truck crane as an example, the three axle special chassis, with a total weight of about 22T and a total price of 4, is widely used in the sites and laboratories of industrial and mining enterprises, metrology and schools. Its utilization fields cover machinery, metallurgy, construction, aviation, aerospace, military industry, transportation, transportation, quality inspection, metrology, education, medical treatment and other industries, ranging from 0 to 450000 yuan, and some enterprises even sell it for 380000 Yuan. The components, working principle and weight of 20t excavator are no more and more complex than that of 16t truck crane, but its price is much higher. The largest sales are joint venture products of about 800000 yuan. The technical complexity and weight of the fixed concrete trailer pump are much less than that of the 16t truck crane, and the price of the 60 concrete trailer pump is more than 500000 yuan, which once sold to more than 700000 yuan. Due to the low sales, all production enterprises have made great efforts to reduce costs. So far, no truck crane has selected imported parts, all of which are made in China. The low level of supporting parts makes the reliability of the whole machine low, the advanced hydraulic system can not be used, and the technical level of the whole machine can not go up. Due to the low price, foreign products and advanced technology cannot be imported, which has little impact on domestic products and slow technological progress of domestic products; Due to low price, low level and low reliability are caused. Products cannot be exported and foreign markets cannot be explored. Everyone is seizing a small domestic market, leading to a price war. In this way, a closed and low-level competitive situation will be formed. Closure and protection of engineering crane industry

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