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Analysis of the current situation of waterborne industrial coatings industry in 2021

analysis of the current situation of waterborne industrial coatings industry in 2021

May 27, 2021

about water-based industrial paint

the annual use of industrial paint accounts for 70% of the paint, of which water-based industrial paint is more and more popular. In the case of large-scale control of the production and coating of "oil-based coatings" in the industrial field, the "oil to water" policy has been promoted, and the fields of electromechanical equipment, auto parts, hardware accessories and so on gradually tend to water-based industrial coatings

overall market potential of industrial coatings

according to statistics, According to the field of coating application "The design center will try to connect different industries into one, which is divided into architectural coatings and industrial coatings, which are divided into coatings according to major categories. There are many subdivisions in the industrial field. According to the current application situation in the industrial field, some experts pointed out that the statistics of vehicle, coiled material, powder and furniture alone classify other industrial protection into one category. There is a growth rate of nearly 10% every year. The growth of vehicle coatings and coiled material coatings is slow, and the output of powder coatings It reached the highest value of 175 tons, with an increase rate of 12.9%. With the increase of national environmental protection efforts, powder coatings without organic solvents increased rapidly. There is no separate statistical data on the output of water-based coatings. The following describes the market situation of industrial coatings

market segmentation of industrial coatings

the industrial field is relatively complex, among which the proportion of marine coatings in China's industrial anti-corrosion coatings is relatively high, reaching 12.3%, including the total amount of coatings used for new ships and ship repair. Container coating includes: newly produced container coating, renovated container coating, and the amount of coating used has been increasing. Heavy anti-corrosion coatings are used for most of the bridge wharfs, petrochemical, electric power, railway systems, and building steel structures, accounting for a high proportion. Construction machinery, special vehicles, bicycles and other fields are representatives of small and medium-sized fields in the subdivided industry. Based on the above industries, the usage accounts for about 70% of the total industrial protective coatings, which can basically feed back the current situation of industrial coatings

market share of water-based industrial coatings

at present, the application of button tension machine in water-based industrial coatings can not work in a wide range. Except for the wide application of water-based system in the container industry, most of the other fields are in the stage of trial use, and they still fail to meet the performance requirements in some heavy anti-corrosion fields. In the field of high decorative requirements, the cost is relatively increased, and it is difficult to promote temporarily, but they are relatively applied in the field of light anti-corrosion. In the coating market of high-end and middle-end segments, the market share of water-based system is about 3.5%. In the market segment of low-end coatings, the market share of water-based system is estimated to be 8.7%

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