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On the 7th, the instrument operators should carefully browse and understand the multiple advantages of the wire change experimental machine, such as high strength, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, UV resistance, and the correct protection and maintenance methods. Some citizens have reported to the Yangzhou information platform, Street lamps will be installed on the south side of the old yanggua road between Jiangyang West Road and Runyang Road, but there is no movement on the north side of the road. In the future, when the light is on in the south of the road, it requires the fixture to be small and the light is not on in the north of the road. This road will become a "Yin-Yang road"

the length of the old yanggua road from Jiangyang West Road to Runyang road is about 1 km, and the problems of illegal construction and stacking, road occupation management and illegal parking on the road are relatively prominent. Especially because there are no street lights on the road and vehicles parked on the roadside, the travel safety of nearby residents can not be guaranteed, and the frequency of traffic accidents is relatively high. Complaints from residents of this road have never stopped. The opinions of residents have been valued by relevant departments, and some problems have been solved in recent years

in 2018, the Development Zone included the installation of street lights on yanggua Road on the side of the area under its jurisdiction as a private practical project, which was launched more than a month ago. At present, the foundation of 22 LED street lights that need to be installed has been completed, and it is planned to light them before the Spring Festival this year

on the morning of the 7th, I visited yanggua road. There are many shops on the south side of the east section of the road, and to the west is a row of old shops, Changhe Xinyuan community and shops along the street; There are new and old residential areas such as Yuecheng Xiting and Qinxiang community in the north of the road. It should be said that there are many businesses and residential areas on both sides of the road, and the lack of street lights has a great impact on Residents' travel

we can see that the foundation of the street lamp in the south of the road has been dug, and the pipeline has been buried, while there is no movement in the north of the road. Is there a lighting plan in Lubei? Zhao section chief of Hanjiang high tech Zone Planning and Construction Bureau, the unit under the jurisdiction of Lubei, was contacted. The other party said that it was not clear that lights had been installed in the development zone across the road. After checking the scene as soon as possible, the situation would be reported to the leaders before deciding whether to install lights

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