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Gansu Province will build nearly 67000 kilometers of roads in 2020

Gansu Province will build nearly 67000 kilometers of roads in 2020

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from the "687 for the bottleneck restricting the development of China's polymer surface material industry 3" Transportation Office, since this year, the transportation departments at all levels in Gansu Province have made scientific plans according to the "6873" transportation breakthrough action strategic deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, Strengthen measures, and the "campaign for smooth road access" is advancing smoothly. From January to October this year, the total investment in highway fixed assets in the province was 61.6 billion yuan, accounting for 82.02% of the annual plan of 75.1 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 29%. The three expressways planned to be completed and opened to traffic within the year have been opened to traffic on schedule; Nearly 900 kilometers of secondary roads have been completed in the province; 11000 kilometers of asphalt (cement) road to tongcun has been built

according to the highway construction task of the "6873" traffic breakthrough action of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the total mileage of the highway will be 66956 kilometers from this year to 2020. Among them, 4073 kilometers of expressways, 11287 kilometers of ordinary national and provincial roads, and 51596 kilometers of rural roads have been completed. The province's backbone roads have been completed to achieve the goals of connecting counties with expressways, towns with national and provincial roads, villages with asphalt (cement) roads, provincial export roads and port roads. Among them, 75.1 billion yuan will be invested in transportation infrastructure construction this year, and 1004 kilometers of expressways and first-class highways will be newly constructed; The construction of 1131 km of class II highway has been started. The 301 test products of the completed open highway are placed in the test area for kilometers, and the level of the experimental machine is adjusted for another 169 kilometers of the first-class highway; 906 kilometers of class II highways have been completed and opened to traffic; The construction of a 10000 kilometer project to make the villages unobstructed

it is understood that in order to solidly and effectively promote the "6873" transportation breakthrough action, in accordance with the unified deployment of the provincial government, the Provincial Department of transportation signed a letter of objective with 14 municipal and state transportation bureaus and relevant highway construction owner units, detailing and decomposing the highway construction tasks, sorting out the bottleneck problems in the progress of the preliminary work of the contract project, and implementing special personnel to focus on the early stage, effectively promoting the progress of the preliminary work. Since the implementation of the "6873" traffic breakthrough action, the Provincial Department of transportation has adhered to the planning guidance and the linkage of ministries and provinces, completed the preparation and submitted it to the provincial government for approval and implementation of the "Gansu provincial road plan (year)", actively strengthened the connection and coordination with national ministries and commissions, and won the strong support of the state for the highway construction project of the "6873" traffic breakthrough action and the preparation of the "13th five year" traffic and transportation development plan in our province; The transportation development plan of Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia revolutionary base area was jointly prepared with the transportation departments of Shaanxi and Ningxia, which strengthened the connection with Qinghai, Sichuan, Xinjiang and other surrounding provinces, and signed relevant agreements on the construction of inter provincial roads, laying a solid foundation for the smooth flow of inter provincial roads as soon as possible. We strengthened efforts to streamline administration and delegate power, formulated and issued relevant documents and notices with the provincial development and Reform Commission and other departments, and adjusted the approval authority for the preliminary design and construction drawing design of key highway construction in the province

at the same time, comprehensively accelerate the reform of highway construction management system and investment and financing system, clarify the investors and project construction management legal persons for major projects, and actively explore various construction modes such as project construction self construction and self management, agent construction system, design and construction general contracting. Nine highway projects have been listed in the national development and Reform Commission project library, and the G316 Liangdang County Yangdian (Gansu Shaanxi border) Huizhou county highway construction project has been approved as the second batch of demonstration projects of the Ministry of finance, It has become the only selected Expressway demonstration project in Northwest China

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