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Zhongda Shili new town is developed by Zhongda real estate, located in Hanyang Wangjiawan business district, surrounded by Moore City, Wal Mart, Dayang department store, Jinyi film, etc., to meet the needs of eating, drinking and having fun. The community is also equipped with a five-star guild hall, including fitness and sauna. Recently, the new owner of Zhongda Shili new town has just received the house. I believe that some owners must have begun to prepare for the decoration. Today, I have sorted out several sets of decoration renderings of Zhongda Shili new town for you

small area: Zhongda Shili new town

household type: two bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: Modern and simple

Design Description: simple and generous but with original wood color texture, few shapes but detailed structure. The two small chandeliers in the sofa background add some elegant temperament, do not occupy space, and increase the sense of refinement. The balcony is a group of leisure space, Log colored furniture original leisure simplicity is incisively and vividly expressed. The dry area is the porch shape with hollow partition and the combination of virtual and real, adding some mystery

small area: Zhongda Shili new city

household type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: modern simplicity

Design Description: the open dining area uses the penetrating cabinet to divide the space configuration, and the two sides of the sofa back wall are integrated to separate the open study area, The design of the layer board makes the vision more penetrating, and the design of the multi cabinet also provides the study space as a storage function; The TV wall on the marble wall injects a sense of calmness into the space, and an electrical storage cabinet is also added below the TV wall to make the space more agile; The kitchen space always draws the space field with white culture, with a gentle and rustic feeling

small area: Zhongda Shili new town

household type: two bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: European and American style

Design Description: the top wall and ground of the interior have been for six years, without patterns and pattern decoration at all, and only lines and color blocks are used to distinguish and decorate. This style is reflected in home furnishings, which produces decoration features that do not use carving and decoration at all. Small area: Zhongda Shili new town

household type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: Chinese classical

Design Description: Chinese culture is broad and profound, and Chinese classical style is still deeply loved by Chinese people, but with the development of the times, abandoning cumbersome has become the mainstream. The new Chinese style, to simplify the complex, grand colors highlight the stable character of the owner; Chinese exquisite carved ornaments reflect the taste of life. Home is not only a living space, but also the embodiment of life's joys and sorrows

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