What are the characteristics of Japanese furniture

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Because Japanese furniture is simple and natural, it is loved by many users. When choosing furniture, what are the characteristics and brands of Japanese furniture. Next, Xiaobian will briefly introduce the brands of Japanese furniture and the characteristics of Japanese furniture

which brands of Japanese furniture are there? 1. Shilin company has established cooperative relations with many famous foreign companies to share technological achievements. Shilin company adheres to the principle of people-oriented and pays attention to every detail of products. Its products integrate western aesthetics and oriental culture, which not only endows the products with traditional charm, but also keeps the fashion taste. It is well-known in China's furniture market. Shilin is a high-quality supplier of IKEA, an international famous enterprise

2. Chunhong

Chunhong was founded in 1996. It is the first leading enterprise in China's bamboo industry engaged in the development and utilization of bamboo resources and the construction of domestic and foreign marketing channels. The company pays attention to product quality. Its products have passed the quality, environmental management system certification, European CE product safety certification, etc., and have been sold in similar products for 12 consecutive years

Established in 1998, Jiangxi Guizhu Development Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly developing and producing all kinds of high-grade bamboo flooring, bamboo furniture and bamboo decorative materials. Its products take the lead in reaching the Japanese F4 star standard for bamboo flooring and the European E1 standard, enjoying a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets

Fujian Mingjiang Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces bamboo plates, bamboo furniture, bamboo tea sets, bamboo handicrafts and other products. It is one of the largest leading enterprises in Fujian Province and even the country in terms of professional research and development, processing and sales of bamboo products. The company has strong strength. It has two production bases in West and North Fujian, a variety of technologies such as ultra-thin planing and cutting, and a number of invention patents. It is the most influential brand in China's furniture industry, and its products are sold at home and abroad

characteristics of Japanese furniture

1. Nature

in order to fully reflect the beauty of natural materials, Japanese furniture often uses bamboo, wood, rattan and other materials as furniture materials. The wooden part is just simply planed out the reincarnation of wood, and then decorated, making use of the natural feeling of wood, giving people a clean and elegant feeling

2. Simple and plain

Japanese furniture has less decoration and embellishment, and its shape is simple and smooth. It is mainly linear, and its functionality is emphasized to the greatest extent. Japanese furniture stresses Zen, indifferent to tranquility, and luxurious and luxurious styles are almost impossible to appear. Japanese furniture is mostly low, giving people a feeling of spacious and bright

3. Practicality

Japanese furniture emphasizes its functionality to the greatest extent. For example, the clothes rack can be disassembled and combined freely. We can choose to take it outdoors or fix it on the wall according to our own needs, so as to meet the needs of users to the greatest extent

summary of the editor: the above is all about the brands of Japanese furniture and the characteristics of Japanese furniture introduced by the editor. I hope that by reading this article, I can provide you with reference and help




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