What is the top ten brand of fabric sofa in 2017

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The importance of sofa in the living room is self-evident, and it also reflects the quality of the owner from the side. There are many sofa brands in the market. What brand of sofa is better to choose? The top ten fabric sofas in 2017 have become the most famous and practical ranking list in the domestic sofa industry, a powerful magic weapon for everyone to buy sofas, and also the most authoritative qualitative ranking list in the sofa industry. As long as the sofas on the list are the best in the industry in terms of design concept, product quality and public praise. Next, come with me to learn about the top ten fabric sofas in 2017

in 2017, the ranking of fabric sofa was No.1: Qumei sofa

after years of continuous efforts, few integrated enterprises in China have taken the lead in the market. Qumei group has been doing this to provide consumers with environmentally friendly products

in 2017, fabric sofa ranked NO.2: hanphil sofa

a famous brand of furniture to create a unique brand sofa. After years of development, it has been loved by the majority of users and won the “ Top ten brands of Korean furniture ” The glorious title of

2017 fabric sofa ranked NO.3: cafuya sofa

not only rich in Italian color, but also French style, more traditional style, which can meet different consumers. Ergonomically designed, it is the perfect combination of high-quality materials

in 2017, fabric sofa ranked NO.4: Lihao sofa was founded in 1999, covering an area of 300000 square meters, and has become one of the influential enterprises in China. With “ Innovative, pragmatic and efficient ” Enterprise spirit, with customers “ Enjoy success ” The way of

2017 fabric sofa ranked No.5: Caesar Haoting

this is an old brand, with its own characteristics, has become a leading brand in China, has won the recognition of consumers with its quality, and is regarded as a leader in the industry

2017 fabric sofa ranked No.6: left and right sofas

after showing their skills at the Asian Games, they received continuous praise. It is the guide of the living room sofa, guiding people to connect with the world, and deducts the sense of history incisively and delicately with the understanding of art

2017 fabric sofa ranked No.7: Chivas sofa

the main functional sofa, which is best described by the word "reality". The new product uses high-quality sponge as a support to give full play to the function of the sofa

fabric sofa ranked No.8 in 2017: Federal sofa

focuses on federal mini series. It is a well-known enterprise in Guangdong. The quality of sofa is guaranteed. It is very classy in the living room. You can go and have a look if you have the opportunity

2017 fabric sofa ranked No.9: Royal sofa

Hong Kong famous brand, with its great display of skills in the Olympic Games, thousands of classic products, so that it is deeply impressed in people's hearts

fabric sofa ranked No.10 in 2017: GIS sofa is the largest production base in Jiangbei and the leader of Chinese furniture. Besides sofas, mattresses are also very famous and sold overseas

how to maintain the sofa

leather sofa maintenance:

1. Avoid cutting the surface of the sofa with sharp tools. The sofa should be placed at a distance of 5-10cm and ventilated

2. Avoid oil stains on the sofa. If found, it should be cleaned immediately

3. Thoroughly clean the sofa once every 2-3 months. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust

4. After the surface of the sofa is cleaned, wipe the surface of the sofa with a care agent once or twice for future cleaning

fabric sofa maintenance:

1. It is recommended to clean the sofa once a week, and it is best to use a small vacuum cleaner to remove dust

2. It is recommended to clean the sofa with detergent once a year

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