The decoration is not bad, the money is 500000, th

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The owner said: we are not rich people, but ordinary workers. We are all willing to save on food and clothing, make our home better, and be closer to our dream home. We can earn more money when we spend all our money. We don't want to buy cheap things in order to save money. It's better to bite your teeth now than to live in a knot in your heart in the future

my mother-in-law accompanied us all the way, gave us a lot of pertinent advice, and gave us understanding and support for our purchase of expensive household appliances and bathroom hardware, she said: “ As long as you like it, why buy a cheap one now and feel uncomfortable in the future& rdquo; My father-in-law often travels on business, and her mother-in-law takes care of the housework. Her health is not good, so she must take a nap every day. But for our decoration, we often run outside with us. It's really hard to help us go to the construction site when we both go to work. Thank you, mother-in-law

elegant high tiles

from the beginning of entering the door, there is a big mirror on the side of the porch. It's very convenient to go out and have a good appearance. The big cabinet opposite has heaven and earth in it. I'll show you later

porch cabinet





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