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Benxi area of Liaoning Province will enter the era of "Stone paper making"

what kind of situation is Taiwan's chemical industry facing? How should enterprises transform? The imported complete set of calcite papermaking equipment, a new environmental protection material with a value of 1.68 million US dollars, arrived in Huanren Manchu Autonomous County after passing the inspection of Shenyang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, marking that Benxi region will enter the era of stone papermaking

stone papermaking is a world leading new technology. It takes calcium carbonate (limestone), the most abundant mineral resource in the earth's crust, as the main raw material. The whole production process does not need water, bleaching, exhaust gas and sewage, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. It also saves a lot of natural resources. Although it is necessary to build institutions such as laboratories, it is not enough energy to have a man-made board universal testing machine. Compared with wood pulp paper, stone paper has better waterproof and tear resistance, and is more widely used

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