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Bestcolor ensures true color management and proofing

in the past decade, few industries have experienced so many innovations as the image industry. The development of network technology and information technology has led to great changes in the traditional image reproduction process. It can be said that the image industry has entered an era of large-scale computer-controlled production. The goal now is to make the process production more stable, the process simpler and faster, and the quality better through computer management

the image reproduction process has realized digitalization and networking in different procedures from electrical distribution to plate making, and from plate making to printing. However, as an important part of the image reproduction process, proofing has hardly changed. It is still a simulated and manual operation, which is inconsistent with the modern process level. In the future, proofing should have a data interface with the plate making system, and must be suitable for different ink paper systems and printing standards. Of course, its process flow should be digitalized

people have never stopped developing ideal proofing equipment. From the first day of the birth of color printer, people began to try digital proofing. Because the previous computer technology, color management, printer and printing paper technology are not very perfect, it greatly affects the development and promotion of digital proofing. Nowadays, with the introduction of various professional color management software, the popularity of high-precision, large color gamut and low-cost printers, and the emergence of various printing papers that can simulate coated paper, all bottlenecks of digital proofing have been broken. It is no longer a semi-finished product of a laboratory. It has been accepted and recognized as a mature technology and has been working in the front line of production. Some leading plate making and printing companies have begun to benefit from the convenience and rapidity brought by digital proofing. Of course, what is more important is that the front and back processes can be adjusted based on the stability of digital proofing to improve the overall color quality of printed matter

bestcolor is a color management software that ensures that the printer performs real proofing according to a certain printing standard. It achieves color reproduction through advanced ICC Color Management. Dr. Stefan, the founder of bestcolor software, is the head of the new technology development group of Fogra college in Germany. In 1994, the leaders of the global publishing industry who operate the application software of the air operation system in which the mineral oil in the atmosphere can usually dissolve (5~10)% developed the color management standard under the initiative of Fogra college. This standard makes any company's profile file compatible with all applications on all computer platforms. ICC color conversion technology has been introduced into the field of proofing. Bestcolor was born in this environment. The members of its development team participated in the establishment of ICC standards and mastered the core technology, which ensured the accurate reproduction of colors by bestcolor software. From the first version of bestcolor to the latest fourth version, each upgrade makes the proofing color more accurate, and the operation more convenient and humanized

bestcolor digital proofing, as a member of the world digital proofing family, has won many awards in evaluation activities around the world for its high quality. Bestcolor can introduce color management into the production system, and it is convenient to proofing with a certain printing standard through bestcolor. These standards include world-famous European printing standards, American printing standards, etc. In order to make the proofing system meet the domestic printing conditions, some domestic printing environment parameters are specially made to meet the needs of domestic customers

these domestic printing parameters are collected from offset printing samples that meet the requirements of domestic printing and reproduction, and combine the chromaticity values of machine dryness, dot expansion, printing contrast and some color blocks on the close surface of the printed matter. In addition to some common printing control strips, the sample sheet also contains a standard color block group of ISO 12642/ansi it 8.7/3. The color block group contains hundreds of color blocks, including different combinations of 4-color, 3-color and two-color printing primary colors. Many color blocks have black plates, from which you can easily get a printing parameter and a perfect color separation table. These color blocks are measured by chromaticity, which has a wider range of versatility and accuracy. The ICC documents established with these standard samples will represent a certain printing level. And these standards can be easily digitized. You can use a floppy disk to keep or transfer this parameter, or you can easily carry out standard proofing through bestcolor software

bestcolor what are the advantages of digital proofing over general color printing? Because the color gamut of general printer ink is different from the printing color gamut, the color management with ICC as the core can convert two different color gamut, and use the printer's large color gamut to simulate the relatively small printing color gamut. However, the color calibration method with ICC as the core theoretically requires that the printer's color gamut should include the color gamut of the whole printing color. If it can be done (Epson on the Drupa2000 released its new ink printing technology, its color gamut completely includes the color gamut of the European ink standard, and its color can remain fadeless for 100 years indoors), and because the primary color used by the printer is different from the primary color printed. 1. The installation of the tensile testing machine, the proofing color still needs to be corrected

the 4th edition of bestcbestcolor uses Heidelberg CMM as a color conversion approach. Because the workload of a color management software is very large, it often processes tens of thousands or more colors at the same time. Some of the color correction range is very large, which is a very difficult task for the color management engine. Why not make the printer better before the color management pressure vessel fatigue testing machine is a high-end model, so that the color correction is easier and more perfect? At present, the hardware platform used, that is, the primary color of large format inkjet printer is different from the primary color of printing color, and the relationship between inkjet principle and paper results in the serious loss of printer linearity. For this reason, bestcolor has developed the printer linearity function. With the guarantee of super enhance ultra micro dot computing technology, it can print more gray levels and complete linearity

the linearity of ordinary ink-jet printers has problems. More than 90% of the deep colors are generally indistinguishable, and the linearity of each primary color is also different. With such a linear print a color block group, many composite colors, such as it8, look the same color, and the deep level is lost. If this color block group is used as the basis for making ICC files, the amount of information in ICC files will be relatively reduced. Using this ICC file to combine and print dark composite colors, color restoration is of course a problem. The error of some colors has increased

bestcolor digital proofing supports printing a group of color blocks before proofing, distinguishing and selecting the starting point of a primary color with the instrument or the naked eye, and removing the "merged" linearity. In this way, the color of the deep file can be distinguished. The advantages it brings are far from so. For example, epson100% yellow primary color is red, and a large number of Cyans have to be added to simulate printing yellow through color management. The corrected dynamic leading error increases. If 80% yellow is used instead of 100% yellow for printing through this linear tool, the phase error of final color calibration will be reduced. Bestcolor supports the use of linear correction curve, which can correct the printer like the correction Imagesetter, so that the printer can be kept at a certain linear level

in addition, the dot enlargement of printing is very different from that of inkjet printer. In the past, the point enlargement of printing was simulated by ICC correction. In order to realize this function before printing, bestcolor provides the point expansion adjustment function. In this way, the dot enlargement of each printing ink can be set before printing, so that it can be artificially increased by 10% ~ 15% (offset printing). In this way, ICC correction is reduced, and the correction error is also reduced. Bestcolor also adds the setting of gamma correction and background color removal before printing. When printing composite colors, use 50% of the original ink volume or other proportion to print, so that the composite colors will not be too deep or open, thus reducing the requirements for printing media. Finally, this linear parameter set is used to print the test samples required to generate ICC files, such as it8. At this time, the measured ICC file has the same ink color gamut as before, but contains more information. It can be used to simulate the printing sample, and the features on the sample can be printed out with bestcolor, such as layer, point expansion, composite color, and the color restoration is more accurate. If you are not satisfied after printing, you can adjust a certain percentage point separately

bestcolor also has other functions specially prepared for printing, such as spot color proofing. If a digital proofing system cannot print spot color, it is defective. Bestcolor supports printing spot color with the printer's full color gamut. As long as the spot color is within the printer's ink color gamut, it can be printed out. It is convenient to adjust through tools and preview the color of the adjustment result on the screen. In this way, the printing color and spot color can be printed once on the same sample sheet. Of course, the color gamut of the printing color; Spot color is not limited by it and is printed with full color gamut

ICC based color management is being widely used as a new technology. It is no longer a new topic in today's printing industry. An excellent color management scheme can improve product quality, reduce waste and defective products, reduce costs and bring huge economic benefits to enterprises. In the long run, it will promote the development of printing industry. But it is not a simple thing to implement the color management with ICC as the core. First, the printing process should be stabilized, that is, the environment and conditions of all processes should be repeatable (because ICC centered color management will use a device independent color description language CIELAB to establish the color parameters of the use environment. If the future working environment is different from the test environment, all parameters need to be re measured). In recent years, with the popularity of electronic color separation, optical densitometer, electronic engraving, direct plate making and multi-color group highly controllable printing machinery, the process flow has become more and more simple and stable, and the prerequisite for color management has been met. As the first step to realize color management, digital proofing will give enterprises a new face and bring greater economic benefits

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