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Bengbu plans to build two rail transit lines. Line 2 is planned to start construction as soon as next June.

Bengbu plans to build two rail transit lines. Line 2 is planned to start construction as soon as next June.

the fixture of China Construction machinery information electronic universal experimental machine is also a very important part.

since this year, the news that Bengbu will plan to build rail transit lines has been coming. Recently, the Municipal Planning Bureau and the municipal development and Reform Commission are soliciting public opinions on the recent construction plan of Bengbu urban rail transit (year). Come and see which track passes by your door

in the near future, it is planned to build two rail lines

the time has come to unveil the cover

starting from alleviating traffic congestion and optimizing the structure of travel modes, the planning scheme guides and supports the reconstruction of urban spatial structure. The recently implemented line 1, phase I and line 2 are planned. The total length of the line is about 55 kilometers, and the design maximum speed is 80 kilometers per hour. It focuses on strengthening the connection between the central urban area of the city and the eastern areas of Huaiyuan and the central ring road

according to the public information of this upheaval in the past three years, it is recommended to adopt straddle monorail system. What is a straddle monorail system? Generally speaking, it is a light rail system similar to running on viaducts. It has the advantages of low investment, good terrain adaptability, light beam, land saving, beautiful appearance, low noise and vibration, and its capacity can meet the requirements of traffic volume prediction of all lines in our city

line 2

starts from Huaiyuan long distance bus station and ends at south bus station

the planned route is: s307- Yudu Avenue - Huaishang Avenue - Yong'an Street - Shuangdun road - Changming Street - Huaishang Avenue - Yan'an Road - TIYU road - Xingye Street - Yan'an Road; One Huaiyuan West depot and one parking lot of South Bus passenger station are set respectively

The tightening nut road behind the tightening weight of the

line is 36.28km long, with 29 stations, including 8 transfer stations, with a distance of 1.25km

the author can see from the planned route map that the route passes through cultural square, railway station, vocational education park, Huaishang district government, ring road and other places

phase I project of line 1 starts from Changqing North Road station and ends at middle ring road station

the planned route is: Tushan road - Shengli road - Xuehan road - Xuehai road - Donghai Avenue - Huangshan Avenue. The depot of Li building is set, and the control center is set in the depot

the line is 18.85 km long, with 15 stations and 6 transfer stations. The distance between stations is 1.36 km. The author can see from the public map that the planned stations for the number of experiments of this line include Lilou Road, Bengbu south station, Donghai Avenue, Chaoyang Road, zhanggongshan Park, etc., and cross Longzi Lake

it is planned to start construction as soon as next June.

the "design drawing" and "circuit diagram" will be drawn soon. When can the project start construction? Many citizens are eager to know this question

the planning implementation information shows that in terms of the short-term construction planning period, line 2 is designed to start construction in June 2018, and line 1 phase I will start construction in 2021

the staff of the chief engineer's office of the Municipal Planning Bureau told the author that recently, they have also received suggestions and opinions from citizens. After the collection of opinions, relevant departments will summarize and continue to improve the planning scheme through relevant procedures

the publicity period of this planning scheme is from May 19, and the publicity period is 30 days from the date of publicity

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