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Assa Abloy Guoqiang Hardware: smart + green industry benchmarking

Assa Abloy Guoqiang (Shandong) Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. strengthened scientific and technological support and introduced environmental protection equipment, The market development and share of the domestic hardware industry have been steadily increasing for seven consecutive years -

smart + green industry tree benchmark

□ this newspaper's Dong Tianli

"in March this year, the production line of Assa Abloy China Investment Co., Ltd. settled in Leling with industry 4.0 as the standard customer business group, and now it has entered the operation stage." Lijingfang, general manager of Assa Abloy Guoqiang (Shandong) Hardware Technology Co., Ltd., has another new title this year - managing director of key customer business group of Assa Abloy China Investment Co., Ltd. In may2012, Swedish Assa Abloy group wholly acquired Leling Guoqiang hardware group, and it took more than seven years to make Leling local enterprises become internationally renowned companies. Even the newly established Chinese key customer business group of Assa Abloy group has taken root in Leling

on October 24, when I walked into the assembly workshop of Assa Abloy Guoqiang hardware, I was shocked by the scene: nearly 40 production lines were started at the same time, and the sound of parts collision filled the huge plant. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Assa Abloy group, Assa Abloy Guoqiang (Shandong) Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. has steadily increased its market development and share in the domestic hardware industry for seven consecutive years. It has become a strategic cooperation supplier for more than 50 top 100 real estate developers in China. Its products sell well in China, Europe and the United States. 4 displacement is related to the movement of the position of objects in the movement process in more than 0 countries and regions. "In recent years, the order volume of foreign customers has gradually increased. We have opened a special production line to meet the needs of different customer groups." Sun Tian, operation director of Assa Abloy Guoqiang (Shandong) Hardware Technology Co., Ltd

continuously meet the needs of customers, which is full of confidence for the current Assa Abloy Guoqiang hardware. Orders from different countries have different parameters and requirements for products, which forces enterprises to continuously improve their production capacity. With the production and R & D resources of Assa Abloy group, Assa Abloy Guoqiang hardware has adjusted more than a dozen industry categories such as building hardware, rubber strips and wood plastic doors produced by the original Guoqiang hardware group to three categories: building door and window hardware, curtain wall hardware and commercial real estate hardware. It has gradually established its own gold lettered signboard and become an industry leader and high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of building door and window hardware in China. At present, Assa Abloy Guoqiang hardware has an annual output of 18million sets of various door and window hardware, with an annual output value of 1billion yuan

in 2018, the electric fire smoke exhaust window independently developed by Assa Abloy Guoqiang hardware came out, and nearly 30million sets were sold in one year. According to song Shuai, an engineer of Assa Abloy Guoqiang (Shandong) Hardware Technology Co., Ltd., this product can automatically open windows and smoke exhaust according to real-time signals. It is a kind of intelligent doors and windows. The secret lies in the cloud control box system independently developed by them. With this system, the electric fire smoke exhaust window can be monitored in real time and remotely controlled from the background. It is suitable for use in crowded places such as stations and airports. "Various resources of Assa Abloy group headquarters are shared with us, which makes us avoid many detours." Lijingfang said. What impressed him most was the strong strength of the scientific research team at the headquarters of Assa Abloy group. Before the merger, Guoqiang hardware group spent seven months developing a new product. It was used to measure the deformation of the sample in the experimental process. After the merger, many processing technologies can be directly used from the headquarters of the group, greatly reducing the cycle from research and development to market-oriented of new products

integrate resources and quickly strengthen the sales business segment

in the office building of Assa Abloy Guoqiang hardware, there is also a subsidiary that plays an important role in the group - the key customer business group of Assa Abloy China Investment Co., Ltd. Assa Abloy group, as the world's leading supplier of intelligent locks and security solutions, in recent years, the order volume of Chinese customers has taken up an increasing proportion in the group's overall business. The group's 18 production companies scattered in China have their own ways, and the service coverage is relatively scattered, which is difficult to meet the "one-stop" needs of current customers. Based on this situation, the unified sales service window of Assa Abloy group in China was born

in the past, multinational companies' sales bases in China were generally located in the first and second tier cities, which helped to integrate the scattered production resources. Why did Assa Abloy China Investment Co., Ltd.'s key customer business group settle in Leling

since Guoqiang hardware was incorporated into Assa Abloy group, due to its excellent production capacity and excellent business environment in Dezhou, all the door and window hardware industries of Assa Abloy group in China have been grafted on the industrial chain led by Guoqiang hardware, and Assa Abloy Guoqiang hardware has thus become an important part of the overall strategic layout of the group. Therefore, the group headquarters decided to integrate the production and sales businesses of 18 production companies in Assa Abloy China, and opened a nationwide sales window in Leling for unified order receiving and production. Leling has also become a sales base in Assa Abloy China, realizing all-round services before, during and after sales. It is estimated that within three to five years after the key customer business group of Assa Abloy China Investment Co., Ltd. settled in Leling, it will be able to achieve an income of RMB 3billion to 5billion

green development, setting up a benchmark in the hardware industry

Guoqiang hardware, after being incorporated into Assa Abloy group, has abandoned its previous business philosophy of pursuing economic benefits and will see satisfactory growth in the future; It has gradually driven onto a fast lane of green development. Walking into the production workshop of the company, a machine with strange shape is very eye-catching. It is reported that this is an automatic polishing equipment, which can collect the dust generated by grinding parts while polishing, which can not only meet the production needs, but also greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by industrial waste. "We purchase such equipment every year. The company draws on the management and operation experience of the group headquarters and takes' hardware, big industry, high quality and long-term foundation 'as the development concept to accelerate the transformation of green development." Sun Tian said that their production orders come from more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and the most important thing for products to go abroad is to meet the environmental protection parameters. At present, the automatic polishing equipment and automatic die-casting equipment they are using are in the leading position in the world. The emission of industrial waste in all links of the production process has been reduced to the lowest. This year alone, the investment in environmental protection equipment has reached more than 7million yuan. It is expected that the investment will increase next year

walking out of the production workshop, a steel structure workshop that has just taken shape comes into view. According to the introduction, this is a production workshop for hardware fittings and molds for building doors and windows that started to be built in July this year. The overall investment reaches 30million yuan. It is expected to be completed and put into use in February next year, with an annual output of 300000 sets. At that time, Assa Abloy Guoqiang hardware will break the bottleneck of previous mold production, truly form a whole industry chain of centralized production of doors, windows and locks, and the annual sales will increase by more than 30%. "Our scientific research team is currently composed of more than 100 engineers. With the development of the enterprise, the company will have an increasing demand for professional technicians and scientific researchers. We will regularly organize existing scientific researchers to go to the Swedish headquarters of Assa Abloy for training." Lijingfang said. Although Assa Abloy headquarters is rich in R & D resources, industry-leading talents cannot reside in Leling. It is hoped that the government will implement the policies on recruiting talents and introducing talents, and introduce more targeted policies on the introduction of high-level talents, so as to truly keep talents in Assa Abloy Guoqiang hardware and Leling

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