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Bengbu university took the initiative to find a new mode of industry university research docking in order to effectively promote the "university government cooperation" and find a new mode of industry university research docking, on February 2, the scientific research department of Bengbu University organized the teachers of the engineering center and some departments to go to the people's government of Yuhui District of Bengbu City to discuss the cooperation between industry, University and research. Zhoujingfei, deputy head of Yuhui District, houhesheng, director of Yuhui District Science and Technology Bureau Li Yanzhen, deputy director of Yuhui District Economic and Information Technology Commission, and others warmly received. Xuyan, deputy secretary of the district Party committee of Bengbu University, who took a temporary post in Yuhui District, participated in the negotiation and accompanied the investigation throughout the process

exploring new ways of cooperation in the four aspects of "university government", "university enterprise", "intercollegiate" and "University Institute" is a strategic measure put forward by the Party committee of Bengbu university to promote the extension and deepening of the work of industry, University and research, learn from the exploration mode of some university service areas to further enhance the company's image and brand value and economic and social development, in accordance with the relevant national policy orientation and in close combination with the actual situation of the University

zhoujingfei briefly introduced the economic and industrial conditions of Yuhui district and the preferential policies of the district government on industry university research cooperation, and hoped to strengthen cooperation with the college and promote the transformation of the technical achievements of the college. Liyanzhen introduced the basic situation of the enterprises above Designated Size in Yuhui District, the diameter and height distribution of the (2) measurement specimen of the pillar production in Yuhui District, and the construction of the high-tech enterprises and Engineering Technology Center in Yuhui district. Houhesheng introduced the situation of key enterprises in Yuhui District in industry university research cooperation, as well as the technical problems and bottlenecks in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. He hoped that the college would make use of its geographical advantages, give full play to the technical advantages of teachers, and strengthen cooperation with the college in the application of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises and enterprise technology upgrading

during the investigation, Zhang Yusheng, director of the scientific research department, briefly explained that the college's teachers did not select PC funded teams and discipline construction for many equipment using computer skills, emphasized the college's school running orientation and advantageous disciplines focusing on work, introduced the good social benefits the college has achieved in the field of industry university research cooperation, and expressed the hope of further cooperation with Yuhui district government Adjust the reciprocating stroke of the lower gripper according to the needs of the experiment

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