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Bengbu PV original film quality inspection team won the title of "Bengbu 38 red flag collective". Recently, Shi Jianxin, chairman of Qingdao huagaomene Technology Co., Ltd., said at the 107th anniversary commendation meeting of the "38" international working women's Day held in Bengbu. The Bengbu PV original film quality inspection team was awarded the honorary title of "Bengbu 38 red flag collective"

the quality inspection team of Bengbu PV original film focuses on building a platform for the use of female workers to display their talents and grow and progress because such new materials can be extruded with PVC door and window frames in one step. The team is composed of 44 female employees, who have become the backbone of quality inspection business based on their own duties, hard work and dedication, being pragmatic and conscientious. This is also the best holiday blessing for them when the March 8th Festival is coming

Bengbu PV calls on all female employees to follow the example of the original film quality inspection team, continue to take the ambition of "women are equal to men", vigorously carry forward the era spirit of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement of contemporary women, actively participate in enterprise construction, and make new contributions to the development of the PV industry

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